Thursday, January 31, 2013


A Cowboys and Indians Party?
Whoa Nelly!
A group of 20 partiers decided to go to a GTA Bar attired in various versions of a Cowboys and Indians theme. They had tweeted their intentions on Twitter and ‘twas inevitable that there’d be a backlash.
And such a back lash. Protesters turned up outside the restaurant.
Their partying was attacked on a couple of fronts.
First off- it wasn’t politically correct.
Note to right-minded Conservatives who don’t understand the phrase “politically correct”, it was unkind, abusive, not nice and not necessary. What if it had of been black face- an Al Jolson Party? Jolson’s act was once revered. These days we know better- at least most of us do. It’s looked down upon. It’s classed as crude and unnecessary like half naked women slinking around poles in “dance” clubs to arouse of male clients as they chow down on a turkey sandwiches-on brown, teamed up with a mugs of frothy beer.
Secondly, when the words “Cowboys and Indians” are used in that context, it usually means Cowboys killing Indians. That’s what we always saw in those Hollywood westerns back in the day didn’t we?
Circle the wagons. Shoot the Indians. We want their land.
“Oh Lordy!”- cried the Cowboy’s wife, “Why can’t they just leave us in peace. Why do they want to scalp us? We are good Christian folk. They’re just savages!”
Now, a senator and MP in Harper’s Government are accused of anti-first nation remarks and deeds. Does this really surprize anyone?
If it does, give your head a shake.
It’s true that these days one must be careful when one says or does anything- or prints anything- on a blog like this one for example.
Some readers take things personally even if it’s just “supposedly” one person’s point of view.
Why I have received comments from Jehovah’s People several times setting me straight on scriptures and God-like things but they don’t tell me to shut up or stop writing about God and stuff. Some write and tell me being Gay is wrong. A defamation of all that is holy. They tell me it’s morally corrupt and just plain wrong. On the other hand, some readers set me straight once and for all in a “nice” e-mail.
Well, maybe not always “once” or “nice” for that matter.
Sometimes, when once is not good enough, I have to be set straight once again on something a little more formal and threatening.
Gosh, straight things are so foreign to me.
I asked some people in the know about these various types of responses.
One said- “counselling was needed.”
Another said- “someone doth protest too much.”
Still another said- “someone’s floundering.”
Yet another says- “some people are in over their heads. God help them.”
So, instead of a Cowboys and Indians shindig, take a page from my Community and organize a tighty-whitey party.
Or a Speedo night.
Maybe a Luau with Hula attire.
The choices are out there, just make the right choice the first time or you’ll hear about it- from someone.