Saturday, December 15, 2012


I am talking a break from this Rob Blog.
I am nearing 500 posts and as a Yuletide Gift to me, I am giving it a rest.
This Blog is one man’s mind.
One man’s opinion.
Oh, you are entitled to one too.
I mean an opinion.
The mind- I dare not judge on that.
A new year is coming and we would all do well to be prepared because it’s inevitable that shit is going to hit the fan and who the hell wants to be covered in shit?
You may well ask- how does a Humanist (read: Atheist) celebrate Christmas.
Same as you.
I just don’t take it seriously.
I think the Christmas Story about the Stable is heart-warming but then, so is apple cider.
Does God take it personally?
Because, there is no God.
If there was, why wouldn’t he save those kids shot by such as evil human?
Why wouldn’t he smite that Soldier who killed all those women and now sits alone in Kingston Pen.
Give it your best shot God.
Smite him.
Yoo-Hoo God?
Hmmm. He doesn’t seem to be there…
There is no Superior Being looking after his flock.
I am alone.
You are alone.
We are all alone.
The only living being who takes stuff rather personally is another “Human Being” living on this earth and to tell you the truth, I have had it up to here with others judging me- both family and friends.
Religion will be the death of all of us.
It’s been the death of so many already.
Enough of that.
It’s the Holidays. I want to be jolly so I have written a poem.
I stole some of the iambic pentametre  from Clement Moore.
It’s a Holiday Poem.
Read and enjoy and find peace and goodwill- enough to last you the whole year through.
Happy Holidays and a Merry Xmiss!
A Holiday Poem
‘Twas the nigh of a New Year,
And all through the place-
We sit and be jolly-
With smiles on our face.
Baileys is poured,
Served with some ice,
Lovely and yummy-
It really is nice.
And I in a red shirt and
He in his sweater,
Just lounging around-
Out of the weather.
The moon shone so bright-
But not on the snow.
Today’s winter weather,
It just goes to show-
That things are still changing,
On left and on right.
We smile with great gladness
This night of all nights.
We stare at the fireplace-
Its flames dancing bright.
It sparkles and cracks-
What a Holiday sight!
We cuddle in comfort-
We hear not a clatter
From family and friends
There’s nothing the matter.
Remembering the past
As night stretches to dawn.
Now fading- once vibrant,
Those that have gone.
We consider these lives
Both happy and good,
It tugs at our heart strings
You expect that it would.
This Holiday Season,
So warm and so light
We carry it forward
This glad Christmas Night.