Saturday, December 8, 2012


Yet Another Day on Bleeker Street with Jane and Blanche...
Blanche: Gee Jane, Look how our Christmas Tree glows. The lights are all so pretty.
Jane: Yah ~puff, puff~ That angel on top sure has a satisfying smile on her face- don’t she? Wonder what she’s up to? Probably been into the egg nog.
Blanche: Oh Jane Dear, you are so funny. Say, why don’t we go downtown today and do some shopping and then have tea in that cute little café. Maybe you could invite your friend Johnnie Strongman along. He’s such a nice young man.
Jane: ~puff, drag, puff~ Sure. Why not. Get some Christmas Spirit going.
Blanche: Why Jane you sound like you’re starting to get into a Holiday Mood!
Jane: Well ~puff, drag~ Maybe so. I ain’t all bad you know. I have my good days!
Blanche: Oh I know Jane but it is just so wonderful seeing you smile and your eyes twinkle in between puffs of that nasty cigarette. Now Jane Dear, you won’t make a scene trying to “light up” when we’re at the café- will you?
Jane: Nah. ~drag, puff, puff~ It’s the Holidays. Why should I wanna screw up a nice afternoon.
Blanche: Lovely. Oh and Jane Dear…
Jane: What now? ~puff~
Blanche: Tell Johnnie Strongman to keep his shirt on when we are having tea. Last time a half dozen ladies fainted.
Jane: Awwww. A bunch of prudes but since it’s the Christmas Season, I’ll tell him. ~puff~
Blanche: Lovely. Now, let’s get ready and then you bring the car around to the front of the house.
Jane:  Oh- Fah-Lah-Lah ~puff, cough, puff, cough~ Lah-Lah-Lah-Lah…