Wednesday, December 12, 2012


First off,
The reviews are in from Hank’s Holiday Showcase and Variety Show.
Here is a sampling.
Thanks Rob!
A performance well done, congrats to you and cast!!!
-Angelo (Mayor Orsi)


Enjoyed the show a lot.
-John (Swartz)
I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed
the Show. It was so well done- I loved all the characters!
-Brenda Tuddenham
Chris and I want to thank you so much for the tickets
to last Friday night's show.
It was fabulous and we really enjoyed the show.
-Chris and Gina Jones

Nuns of Woebegone and Beverely Scrooge

I have to tell you how much Beth and I enjoyed the show on Saturday. We laughed.
We decided that once you have experienced one show you are hooked, so expect to see us again!
-Fran Woodhurst (The Helpful Painter)
Thank You for a very delightful afternoon
-Norbert Kondracki
Other words from “fans” include:
Very Well Done!
We are humbled.
Would we do it again?
You are probably saying to yourself “why”?
I don’t want to say…
Somebody or some “bodies” are peeing on books in a library in Leamington. The Police and the Library are trying to hunt down the culprit and plug the hole in his “pipe”. If they find him, they should tie him to a tree and let everyone pee on him. I don’t believe it’s a “her” unless “she” bottles it and sprinkles it on the books in the same way your Mother used to sprinkle her ironing with water back in the 50’s- before steam.
Did you know that statistically, we lose half of our friends every seven years?
I must be on a roll!
I don’t have many friends and the ones I have just keep fucking up.
Hey! I’m not taking the blame here.
I am perfect!
The Holidays are here.
They must be because
Poinsettias are banned at a Bell office in Mississauga because one employee has an allergy if she were to eat the plant.
Christians and Christmas.
Take the Christ out of Christmas like I do.
Xmas or Xmiss- or the Holidays.
Like wars and religious conflicts and arguing about prayers in schools and right-wingers, Christians ruin everything they touch. Give them enough “garland” and they’d screw up the Holidays too.
What’s the problem with a beautiful tree all be-decked in lights and ornaments?
It doesn’t mean one is celebrating Christmas.
It means one is celebrating Clement Moore’s Santa landing on a rooftop and coming down one’s chimney.
Enjoy the season.
Love one another- even family members- if you are so inclined.
Stare at a clear December sky.
Walk in the snow.
Hug your spouse. Tell him or her you Love them.
Buy a gift for someone and help the less-fortunate.
Anne Hathaway showed the press her “lily garden” when climbing out of a shiny limo at the Les Miserables premiere in New York City.
Oh Sure.
She goes commando but does Mr. Hugh Jackman give us even the smallest- or largest, hint as to what dwells in the moist hotness between his hirsute, oak-like thighs?
No Sir- he does not!

Hugh ~sigh~