Monday, August 20, 2012


Some ‘Dis and ‘Dat  today.

Well…well... it seems like a lot of fellow Canadians don’t give a “flying fig” about Quebec anymore either!

In fact, many are willing to hold the exit door open with their toe and say- no more compensation packages so you’ll keep quiet.
So shut up or get out!

The results from a poll and from comments I have received after my Blog from a few days ago.

On that note, in another blog about Memories of Zellers, I neglected to mention one of my all-time favourite TV commercials is from Zellers. I am sure you know it.
It’s Christmas.
The gal in the spot is preparing for guests.
She hopes she has remembered everything.
The door bells goes.
She runs to answer and shows the audience she has forgot one small detail.
Her skirt!
We see a deliciously comedic shot of her panty-hosed bottom.
That practically bare-butt gal is now a good friend.
Sue has been in a couple of Garage Door Players Shows and other stuff for local theatrical companies too- and no, she has never shown her buttocks to me “in person”!

I see some locals are upset at the noise from Tudhope Park, specifically The Motorcycle folks. Well, living here atop Snob Hill, one had to close the windows to try to block out the thumping base from the shows at last weekend’s Waterfront Boat Festival.
We sympathize!
The weekend before the midway during the Rotary Lions whatever-it-is called was blaring away. Not quite as loud as past years but when the wind was blowing in the right direction, one could tap one’s toes to the music.
That use to be a viable weekend but now a midway plops down and a few local crafters and that’s about it.
Why bother. I suppose the Lions and Rotary Clubs make some money for local charities.

It’s hard to compete with Kempenfest in Barrie, however.
Kempenfest is several notches above the Civic Holiday Funfest in Orillia in “classiness “but there are problems associated with attending- like  where to park.
The huge crowds make it more than difficult to see the merchant’s displays.

Elvis has been gone for 35 years. I remember working at CFOR at the time. We scrambled and put together an “All Elvis, All the Time” Weekend. His former wife Priscilla and Daughter appeared at the Vigil at Graceland in Memphis, Tennessee.
What are they waiting for?
His triumphant return?
I think he’s quite happy living in Mississauga.
People see him at a local Tim’s all the time.
Listen, don’t think it’s not impossible to disappear and make a new life. I’ll bet more people than we know check out- especially celebrities, and start fresh.
If you have money- it can buy anything.

I wish I had money.
The things I would buy.
The revenge I would wreak- in a nice way of course.
I have said before my motto is:
“I don’t get mad. I get even!”

I must have been the Godfather in a previous life or at least an Egyptian Pharaoh.
Everyone has been a Pharaoh at one time or another- haven’t they?

Yes, give me 20 million and I’d have a place in Honolulu.
Something small- yet very nice.
Two bedrooms and a couple of baths with a nice lanai looking out over the Pacific!
Then, I’d have a walk up in Paris.
Not far from Notre Dame and my favourite Café- Le Departs de Saint Michael.
Maybe a small condo in Naples or Fort Myers Beach and lastly cottage on Salt Spring Island in the Gulf waters between Vancouver and Vancouver Island.

Maybe I had better up that to 50 million.
You never know when little incidentals or ‘Dis or ‘Dat may arise!