Sunday, August 5, 2012


I have had enough.

Since my High School years I have been supportive of Quebec, its language, culture and traditions. Having Quebec within the cultural fabric of our great country has always been a plus.

Now I am beginning to have second thoughts.
Maybe I am getting crotchety in my old age!

Actually, I think I have just had enough.

Now the lady leader of the PQ in this summer election opposite John Charest, who has held the Liberal Premiership for a couple of terms, is talking referendum…again.
Quebec going it alone on the world stage.
I thought this was settled.

I thought Quebec was staying within Canada and will continue to remain a vibrant part
Of our Cultural mix.
French speaking Quebecers have their distinct society.
A nationhood- if that’s how they want to think of it.
They have education in French.
French signs.
French movies.
A French Canadian star system.
They have Tim Horton.
They had Eaton too before it went bankrupt

I have had enough!
I am so tired of this “Quebec need” to be a singular, identifiable country- away from Canada- it makes me scream!
However, I am not fighting it this time.
This time I say:
Get the Hell Out!
If the True North Strong and Free is not of your taste, I say “walk away” and do it now.

Be your own Nation.
Be through with the rest of us because I believe that a large part of Canada wants to be through with you too! We want to move on.
You whine and plead and cry and riot and burn and why?
Just to get your way.
To make a point.
We get the point.
We have been getting it for a couple of hundred years.
Enough is enough.
Let’s cut the rope to the lifeboat and let you float free.

You can smoke your Export Cigarettes.
You drink your Pepsi-Cola and dye your hair Henna Red.

I don’t care.
I abhor smoking anyway.

Many of you never talk to fellow Canadians in a foreign Country. I know this to be true. I have been on elevators with you. You know we are your countrymen yet you utter not a word of recognition.

You’d never be seen wearing a Maple Leaf lapel pin showing just how proud you are to represent your country abroad.

So Now I say- Get the Hell out!
I never thought I would say it but listening to more Quebec rhetoric about separation from this PQ Grand Dame is more than I care to hear. Besides, I’ve heard it all before!

So build yourself a cultural wall greater than the wall that separated East and West Berlin.
Build it taller.
Make it soundproof.
Paint it blue.
Make it French.
Post guards.
Fly your flag.

And what do I, a primarily English Speaking Canadian who loves his Flag and Country and fellow Canadians expect in return?

When you leave Canada-
Hand over your Canadian Passports.
Your Loonies and Toonies.
You CPP contributions.
You Canada Pension Plan
We’ll take it from there by erasing French from cereal boxes, peanut butter jars, government documents and road signs.
We have endured bilingual signage, products and instructional pamphlets for years!
We need to be cleansed.
We learned that unilingual lesson from you!

Oh, I know there are French speakers in Ontario and New Brunswick (Arcadians) as well. Maybe we’ll have to comfort them, hold them to our breast and tell them everything will be all right if they stay.
Maybe some French Speaking Ontarians and New Brunswickers will decide to move east to jump on the Quebec Bandwagon.
Maybe they dream of holding a Quebec Passport or have the desire to see only French on their morning cereal package and orange juice cartons.
Maybe that’s what it’s really all about?
The right to have just French on a box of cereal.

For English Speakers within the province of Quebec, my best bit of advice is to leave and leave soon. You have weathered this political storm time and time again, so maybe it’s time to leave. Yes, it’s your history too and I know you would like to hold onto it but at what price? The price of a reading a Quebecois sign or unilingual cereal box?

By the way, why aren’t the New Brunswick French or Ontario French talking about separation? They seem to blend with the rest of us Canadians.
I dunno…

My point is, if Quebec takes Canada down that rocky road to independence,
this time, just let them go.
Let the people go.

Maybe the Americans would donate space for a 4 lane Canadian Highway in the northern States that would effectively be Canadian soil and would keep the Maritimes and Newfoundland from feeling alienated.
We could give them some free gas or water in return- maybe even Niagara Falls.
The good side.
The Canadian side.
They already believe it’s theirs- don’t they?

When Quebec is a country, that’s what will happen.
Alienation of the Provinces.
I don’t suppose Quebecers care if they drive a stake between Ontario and New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island, Newfoundland and Labrador.

I hope too they are prepared to develop their own National Air Carrier, Police Force and
Security system. It may take a few years for countries around the world to recognize their new status. Maybe some of them won’t recognize it.

So, go forth Canadian children.
Go forth and prosper- or not.

If you want to do this, do it now because after 200 years, I have had it up to mon cou.
I don’t want to hear about your “need to be a Nation” any more.
Just leave and do it quietly.

I have never been to Quebec.
That’s right. Never stepped foot in it.
Not once.

The question is around the globe will you be held in high esteem or does a large measure of that esteem come from being Canadians, living in Canada- not Quebecers living in Canada.
I guess you’ll find out soon enough when you go

So Buh Bye for now and Bon Chance!

I think you’ll need it.