Saturday, July 7, 2012


What a sad sight.
A racoon huddling in a corner of a long narrow cage.
All alone.
Eyes as big as pancakes.

He was being transported out of someone’s house and yard to a new home in the country.

It broke my heart.
His eyes were absolutely pleading with me.
He looked like he was about to cry- and so was I.

Why am I looking at a racoon in a cage?
Because we had to have TK Pest control come by the house to set a trap for another wild thing- a skunk. Twenty years at this house and we have never had a problem with skunk, racoon squirrel or chipmunk. The racoon had been trapped earlier in the afternoon, stripped of his animal freedom- for a while at least.

The skunk that has been haunting our property sprayed our Schnauzer on Sunday.
She brought the smell into the house and we can’t get rid of it. We have been down on our knees smelling carpets, floors and furniture for two days and can’t find the spot we missed where the odour de Pepe LePue is coming from.

We may have Pepe in a cage in the next few hours. Hopefully, alone. The nice man from TK said it could be a mother skunk about to give birth.
Imaginary superior being- help us!

Two years back, a next door neighbour had 9 skunks pulled from beneath a garden shed. The removal process was so expensive for our “Senior Neighbours”, my hubbie Tom went around the neighbourhood collecting money to help them offset the cost.

I believe the animals are just getting smarter and breeding more within City Limits. We are overrun. I hate being wakened to the smell of skunk at 315 a.m. You can taste the pungent odour on your tongue.
Feel it on your face.
It clings to fabrics and carpets.

So, we’ll see what transpires.


Yesterday we didn’t see a skunk but had 3 racoons in two cages. You see, the day before we moved our cage to the neighbours- that’s the neighbour who had 9 skunks a couple of years back. Another neighbour had their dog “skunked” at 1030 in the morning. They saw a mother skunk herding her 5 babies under the neighbour’s shed- the neighbour with the 9 skunks two years ago?
Are you following this?
Anyway, we concentrated our efforts there, hence 3 adorable baby racoons.
Frightened in cages.
We released them.
They had chowed down on two tins of Sardines.
We re-set the cages.
Now this morning the cages are empty.
Mrs. Skunk must have realized we humans were a big pain in the neck.
The racoons too looked for food in other places.
Maybe the big bins out the back door at McDonalds.

Good Gosh!
I thought Scientology and Jehovahisim was hard to get your head around.
I mean aliens within us?
Dragging old people to your front door to get them into Heaven- or at least rob them of their money.

Look. We are immortal in a sense.
That I believe.
Nothing religious. Nothing Jesus-like.
It’s just simple.
We continue another “existence” after this earthly one.
Just makes sense.

Skunks and their odour?
Now that doesn’t make sense. I mean they are cute as a puddy tat but really, do something about your body odour kids!