Saturday, February 20, 2021

ROBBLOG #872- Take Two Aspirin and a Shovel and Call Me in a Week


This month of February has never, ever been one of my favourite months.

It lags.
For a short month it doesn't know the meaning of short because it feels so long. It used to feel long back in Ontario and yet, still it feels a little longish here on Vancouver Island.
I have no answer as to why and yet when it gets around the three quarter mark in the month, it slows down even more.
I know March is just around the corner but when and what corner?

This year, this month has dragged on for several reasons.
One reason.
I haven't been felling 100% well.
I don't think I am on my deathbed- at least I hope not, yet I am not firing on all cylinders.
I am not going into detail here.
I have seen a doctor twice.
Really, three times if I count the receptionist calling telling me to go get this "test".
Well as long as I don't have to study I said!
Buh Bum Bump!! ~drum roll~

Then, once it was a phone conversation. True to form during these covid times. Thinking back, there's always a week or more in between calls.
It's the nature of "doctoring" these days.
I really don't like going to the doctor.
Nothing is fast.
You wait and wait.
If it wasn't for the need of having a prescription written- which hasn't happened this time, I could self doctor. Yes, I could sit in front of my computer and search various illnesses that I think I may or may not have but a doctor can do that for me.

tat, tap, tap,
"You could have disintrophiatica or melonhasselautomy or croughicritchenus"
tap, tap, tap,
"of course it could be syriatica, or numdetroughery or...."
tap, tap, tap.

People tell me not to look at Dr. Google and yet I have sat in front of a medical professional who barely looks at me while he/she taps away on the computer.
Maybe they're writing a shopping list because they have no idea what I have or may not have.
It's frustrating. If you've been in this same situation, how many times have you thought to yourself-
"It's cancer. I know it is. I have cancer."

So that my dear readers is reason number one that February is dragging.

Reason number two as to why February is dragging this year is a four-lettered word. 
S N O W.
We had snow here on the island a week ago.
Three days of the blasted stuff. As Islanders we mostly stay home and inside. There are some snowplows but nothing for clearing sidewalks. Most of us have one shovel or none at all. Then as to driving in the stuff. Island snow is heavy not light and fluffy like on a Christmas Card.
I could drive in it. I know I could but it's the Islanders I worry about. Snow like this happens once- maybe twice, in a decade so you can't say most Islanders are savvy when it comes to driving in snow.
It's just safer to stay home.
Staying cooped up with covid is one thing but add "snow days" to that and time goes by very, very slowly.
Damn you February.

Better days are ahead.
They may find a cure for whatever is making me feel unwell.
The snow might not return for another year.

All I can do in the meantime is keep busy.
East well and first and foremost- stay safe.