Thursday, June 4, 2020

ROBBLOG #842- Swisssh Radio

Note: One of my other endeavours is my online radio station- Swisssh Radio. I thought I would post what you are about to read below because you can also see and read all about Swisssh Radio and Sister Station Starlite...Soft & Brite just to the right on this page. "Sister station" is radio "speak". Now the words below will not "seem" like mine, since I write "professionally" in these words like a station owner/manager should.
Strange, I know and there's no cussing. So enjoy. Learn something and for feck sakes listen to my darn radio stations. Whaddahyagot to lose?

Hello Swisssh Listeners,

We hope everything is good in your "covid" world. Physical distancing  and constant hand-washing is the way in this  "new world" of ours it would seem- at least for the immediate future.

Here at Swisssh, this covid mess has given us time to reflect.
We have been on the air for 13 years and we are thinking of the future and have made some changes.
We know in time- we don't now when, the plug will be pulled- literally- and Swisssh- and our sister station Starlite...Soft & Brite will broadcast no more.
Sad to think about that- isn't it?
This station has given listeners a great product over the years and it's been a part of our life for more than a decade- even surviving a move from Orillia, Ontario to Vancouver Island.

An early LOGO
That move west lost us many listeners but we carried on as best we could.
You see, we have no revenue, so fees for music rights, servers and website costs comes from our own pocket. We do play PSA's and commercials from time to time but we do that as a public service.

In recent weeks we have been referring to Swisssh Radio as "The Island's Golden Classics". That's because we are moving to what we call in the radio biz- a format change.
Nothing drastic.

We got to thinking that the audience we are playing to around the globe is in the neighbourhood of 55+. Now, don't feel alienated if you are not in that demographic yet. Your time will come
Insert smiley face here!😄

A station manager back in the 80's in Ontario once said that in radio we have to be mindful not to alienate an audience. Words to remember, especially in these days of around the world broadcasting on the Internet.

In the past couple of years, we have found it increasingly difficult to programme newer music with so much rap and what we refer to as "valley girl" voices in today's hits.
Do you know what we mean?

Now, we are not giving up on artists like Jann Arden, Sam Smith, Michael Buble, Serena Ryder, Shawn Mendes, Adele, Tyler Shaw, Ed Sheeran or Barbra Streisand. You'll hear them as well but in carefully chosen songs.

In the next while, we have some produced promos- from our "voice"- Jeffery, that will begin to air. The familiar Swisssh jingles will still be heard and our local Island voice- Marnie Martin, will remain with us. We'll also continue to welcome listeners from around the world-
just like you!

Musically, we have been busy adding and subtracting songs.
Just yesterday we added one hundred classics from Canadian artists from the 50's to late 60's. Some of these groups and artists had regional hits across the country and we believe there's some wonderful pop hits that parts of Canada missed- depending upon where you lived. We are surprised with the recordings and the history behind them. Growing up, our 60's focus was mainly Toronto stations like CHUM, CKFH and CFTR. If they didn't play it, we knew nothing about the song- even though it might have been a "hit" in Western Canada.

So faithful listeners, we hope you like our change to the "classics" while we move "forward". Back in the 60's and 70's there were radio stations that played "The Music of Your Life". It was 40's, 50's and early 60's music. Now, decades later, we have stepped up and sincerely hope the music we are playing at "The Island's Golden Classics" is indeed "The Music of YOUR Life".

Thanks for your support and please spread the word about Swisssh and our new format- "The Island's Golden Classics" It's easy to listen.

1. At our website

2. Through (search Swisssh)

3. At Simple Radio (Search Swisssh)
In both cases you can download an app to your mobile or tablet. So easy and free.

4. Voice-activated devices. You might have to refine this and try the words a couple of times but 
usually you just say to your device:
"ask tunein to play s w i s s s h"
Remember to use the letters. Don't say "swisssh".

5. Lastly, we are on many radio sites around the world like Streema.
Do a search for Swisssh Radio and you'll see.