Wednesday, May 20, 2020

ROBBLOG #839- More House Musings

Don't know about where you live in Canada but British Columbia is carefully re-opening.

I just heard Dr. Bonnie report only two new Covid cases.
That's encouraging.
She's also allowing restaurants, chiropractors and hair salons to open- with safety conditions.
The Mister and I already have our hair appointment booked.
I can hardly wait- masks in hand.

So, away from Toyota Corolla and on to more important things- like houses.
The Mister and I got quite excited recently when we saw a house we really, really liked. Now, grant you, our track record has not been great. We've wanted to see a few houses over the past weeks and either they sell in a snap or the seller wants the buyer- us, to have the purchase cash in our hip pocket.
That is not going to happen.

A couple of days back we see this house that has been listed for 88 days.
We can't understand why we didn't see it before.
It might have been the unruly gardens and huge fish pond that turned us off thinking better homes were out there. We soon learned that there is a lot of garbage for sale out there at inflated island prices!
I dunno...
So we call the realtor- who we know, and say we are interested.
We ask if he thinks this house would be our style.
He replies in like twenty minutes and says- it's possible but a firm offer has just been made.

It's on market for 88 days and now we find this little gem and someone has made an offer?
Christ on a Cracker!
This is just the way our luck rolls.
Now, offers do fall apart and we just happen to know that the inspector saw the house yesterday. Maybe there's something wrong with the place that we would be willing to fix, whereas the buyer behind the present offer wouldn't.
It's a long shot but...

We did drive up Mount Tzouhalem where the house is located to have a peek at the exterior. We also saw the exterior of a house on the same street that a friend saw earlier in the day.
Spectacular views outside of mountains and lake- not ocean, however, the inside needs work.
Work such as a new kitchen and then we are told there's a messy back yard to contend with.
With all the work required this house is listed at over 600,000 dollars.
I know- Cripes!
Island prices!

We're not in a huge rush thank goodness and we're thinking that June might bring many new listings with some of the Toyota Corolla rules being softened.

Today, the federal health minister is saying maybe we should wear masks when physical distancing is not possible. The Prime Minister has started wearing a mask. I know we have to wear one when we have our hair cut. What's going to happen with future dentist appointments?
Who really knows?

What I do know- we are looking forward to going out for breakfast one of these fine Island Summer Days.
How about you?