Friday, May 15, 2020

ROBBLOG #838- Summer Games

Summertime, Summertime, Sum, Sum, Summertime...

Is it?
It sure doesn't feel like it but I glance at the calendar to my right and yes sir it is "summertime".
I guess it's because of our uninvited guest- Toyota Corolla, who is still hanging around and not even helping with the dishes or paying his way.
He's cruel and like fish after a few weeks starts to stink.

I'm not sure how the rest of the country is feeling but here on the Island- and BC in general, we are doing good. Cases are low and deaths too. Here in the Cowichan we have no cases- so I am told, which keeps spirits high and yet we are all still keeping our two metres. This weekend Dr. Bonnie says we can expand our "bubble". We can choose a group to socialize without hugging- unless you want to but don't change groups.
Well, that's something, isn't it?

Did I mention The Mister and I have been looking for new digs through this viral virus challenge?
We have.
I guess we had nothing better to do during this "Pandemic" so we thought we'd house-hunt.
We'd like something that offers us more yard and more privacy.
I don't know why but since I have gotten older, privacy seems more important to me than ever and the one thing we don't have where we currently live on the Island is privacy. Not that I nude sunbathe or anything, all I want is some private time without someone walking past encouraging me to join in conversation- usually gossip.

I am sure I have mentioned our looney-tunes neighbour across the way who either hides in a garage, behind a bush or- brazen as fuck, stands at the end of the driveway and listens in to our conversations. We move to the garden where we can have some privacy.

When we bought here we knew these houses were "close" but now that all the homes near and around us are occupied we just didn't realize how much privacy we have lost.

We couldn't even think of doing this bit of business on our Lanai
For instance when I stand on our Lanai in the morning- coffee in hand, I enjoy that caffeine-infused beverage with six or seven other homes who all have Lanais facing towards ours. Recently we have moved Muskoka Chairs that have sat at the front of our house since moving in, to the garden in the backyard. I actually like them there much better and if I crouch down behind the still-growing Portuguese Laurel hedge I can almost convince myself I have a modicum of privacy.
Still it's better than being under the evil stare and big ears of the neighbour.

It's one of a handful of reasons we are looking for a new place to settle which has been made rather stressful by having to listen to the "advice" of estate agents who believe us to be either children or feeble old men.
It's as if we've never bought a house before!
We both go into this whole process with a positive outlook until you have to play this stupid real estate game. One agent playing another like a puppet in a bad marionette show.

Agents don't look at the property in question that we are interested in.
No, they quote the price of a house that sold "recently" in the "neighbourhood" and believe that the house we are looking at should be priced based on that other house- even though the house we are looking at bears no resemblance to the price of the house they are quoting and looks nothing like the house they "recently" sold in the "neighbourhood".
Oh, and don't expect them to tell you what house it was that sold "recently".
Oh, no.
Privacy concerns.
They can't even say why the sellers are actually dumping the house we're interested in.
Could be a marriage breakup because someone couldn't keep his or her "pecker" in their pants.
Now, we wouldn't want that to get out and affect "neighbourhood" house prices- would we?
It's fucking stupid.
The whole game.

The game continues...
In the morning, one sees a house one likes and shows interest.
The agent notes the interest and contacts the sellers agent to see "what's up" price-wise etc.
Then your agent gets back to you in the afternoon and believe or not another person is seeing the house for the second time and may make an offer.
Who would have thunk it?
Who would have seen that coming?
The house has been on the market for a long, long time and all of a sudden we are advised that someone else is taking a "second" look and may make an offer.
It makes me want to believe the seller's agent stirred the pot and called the people who saw the house- maybe a couple of weeks -if not months ago, to tell them another couple- that's us, are interested and if they are still thinking of purchasing the house, they better get a move on!
For Fuck sakes!
What chance do a pair of seniors have up against that?
I'll tell you...
Less than an (expletive) of a chance.

Sorry about the language but I may find myself a little pissed off at the system.

Meanwhile, the Mister and I are having a think about this whole game while summer struggles to feel like summer. Also, remember to use sunblock and stay two metres distant from bullshit or the next person you pass.