Saturday, December 28, 2019

ROBBLOG #813-What Now?

What now?

How did that happen. We're all having a glorious Christmas Season and then someone goes and spoils the Christmas Pudding by saying 2020.
It sounds perfect- if you're a pair of eyes.

I even woke up in the middle of the night and began to mull this "2020" over- as one does when one is trying to sleep at 0416.

"I guess I'll never see 2050..."- my brain exclaimed. "I'll never write a cheque with 2051 in the top right hand corner."- I moaned.

Will there even be cheques then? I can't remember the last time the Mister or I wrote such a thing as a cheque, so maybe 2050 is already here. H.G. Wells 1984- pissh shaw!
It didn't have anything on 2050.

Maybe'll we'll be taking a Sunday drive in a flying car. Of course, I think I remember it was the "Star Weekly" telling us and showing us in colourful sketches- back in 1960-something, what our world at 2000 would look like with all manner of flying things and electronics.
They had no idea of Alexa though- did they?
Talking machines sitting on the kitchen island or beside one's bed.
Pissh Shaw again Mr. Wells.

If I see 2050 or any of the years after, I'll be doing it pushing around my walker whilst wearing depends and drooling, singing my favourite old 1960's songs. The handsome, angelic, youthful and possibly muscle-bound attendant will pat me on the shoulder with a strong right hand telling me I have a lovely voice and remind me my diaper needs changing.
He'll call me "Mr. Reid".
That's something to look forward too!

A friend reminded me that Prince Philip is 98 and he's still walking around the Palace.
Walking- not driving, thankfully.
I reminded my friend that Prince Philip has better medical attention at his disposal and may have already had several new hearts, kidneys and maybe even a Botox touch-up or two.
I've never been afforded Botox but my dentist offers the service.
Teeth cleaning and a Botox treatment.
Friends would remark-
"Why Rob, such white teeth you have and you look 10 years younger as well- all from a visit to the dentist you say..."
I would smile back at them- if I could but the Botox has frozen my face into a "Grinch-like" smirk. At least the bags under my eyes, my forehead lines and the puppet chin I have is gone.

So faithful readers, I spend my days and nights re-reading Charles Dickens' "A Christmas Carol" and thinking about the ghosts that populate my future- 2020 or 2050. I think I should read a different book and get a newer, fresher, less frightening outlook for a new year and new decade.

Happy Holidays and have the best New 366 days possible.