Thursday, August 29, 2019

ROBBLOG #796- Ethel and Me Zzzzzz

So, I had this dream the other night.

The Mister and I were on a train going somewhere. It looked like First Class seating, which of course is me all over. I love being "in front of the blue curtain" and it's even better- on a train in Europe, to be in the First Class Carriage. No undesirables walking through the carriage or sitting across the aisle
shelling peanuts.
Oh and usually- no screaming kids.
Like Miss Coco Peru says- There's a place for Kids.
She actually says more but I digress...
Now, I don't mean that to be nasty, it's just the plane truth. Quiet kids are best on train, plane or elsewhere.

Anyhoo, there we were- the Mister and I, sitting in the front row of the First Class Carriage when I decided I needed to stretch my legs. We had just dined because I could see the "fancy" Royal Darby plates on the white, linen-clad table in front of us.
I stood up and turned to walk to the rear of the carriage. As I did so, I glanced down at the lady in the seat directly behind us.
It was Vivian Vance!
I looked her straight in the eye and spurted out-
"Oh My Goodness, Ethel! Ethel Mertz, how lovely to meet you!"
I had caught Ethel by surprize but still, she stretched out a white-gloved hand towards mine.
Uh, my hand was not wearing a white glove.
I don't know why she was wearing white gloves on a train but I do remember that it sort of looked like the 1950's judging by clothes and the style of the train car- or carriage, keeping in mind it is a dream after all.
My Dream.

As her gloved hand reached mine I realized that I had called her Ethel.
"Oh Dear!"- I said in a regretful manner, "I mean Vivian. Vivian Vance!"
"Oh that's quite alright Dear," she replied in her Ethel Mertz manner. Freddie always did the same thing!"
Freddie? Hmmmm, Maybe I was right after all. She continued-
"Yes, people do that to me all the time. It's only a name. I am quite used to it. Honestly, I am."
"Good to know, Miss Vance." I said, getting all proper like. "Funny I should meet you here on this train- like this, because just the other evening I was watching an old movie of yours."
"Really?" she asks. "Which one was"
She gestured expecting me to share my name with her.
"Oh! It's Rob." I chuckled more from embarrassment than anything really. "Yes, my name is Rob."
"Fine. Rob. So, what movie from my glorious career did you watch?"
Miss Vance batted her eyelashes while she waited for my reply.
"Well, it was that one where you danced with what's-his-name."
She looked puzzled for a moment then said- "What's his name? Let's see Astair or Gene Kelly?"

Shit, I thought. I can't remember so I suggested- 
"you know, the one with all those dance steps and the twirls."
Nothing from Miss Vance.
I tried thinking again looking pensive.
"Oh! I think you were dancing in a grave yard with lots of trees and headstones!"
I think I had nailed it!
"Yes. Very spooky. I remember now Miss Vance.."
I was getting quite excited by this point.
Miss Vance lit up.
"Oh Rob! That was Gene Kelly and the movie was entitled- Human Remains! A terrific musical!"
I grabbed my pearls and said- "That's it! You are absolutely correct Miss Vance! It was Human Remains!"
"Oh call me Viv. Lucy always did!"
OMG! I paused.
Lucy did? Now I have been invited to call her Viv too. I started to shake- just a bit. Does life get any better than this? I thought I should move along. I am sure a big star like Viv had better things to do than talk to me- in a dream no less.
"Well- Viv, I'll let you go. I have taken enough of your time and I only wanted to stretch my, I mean my legs."
I blushed a little.
Miss Vance smiled slightly and said- "It was a real pleasure Rob. See you again some time. Maybe in church or in the movies or at the very least Heaven!"
She threw her head back and laughed, then turned to look out the window at the countryside whizzing by.

What a strange old broad I though, as I continued to walk to the end of the First Class Carriage and back. By the time I had turned around and headed back up the aisle, Miss Vance, I mean- Viv, was gone. On the seat where she was sat there was a bit of fluff and one white, glove.

Believe it or Not!