Monday, April 22, 2019

ROBBLOG #779- Like Right??

So, the other day I was waiting for Tom to pick me up from outside a restaurant door.

He had a rain jacket on.
I didn't.
I had left my umbrella in the van, so he said:
"Stay here"- meaning at the front door to the restaurant, "I'll get the van and pick you up. Saves you from getting wet."
Made sense to me. I could stay dry.
Two Teenage girls stood a few feet to my right while I waited on the Mister- right?

Two Teens- I'll call them Rhonda and Rachelle, talking and texting at the same time...

Rhonda: So, like he says prob, right, eh? (she texts Mary Ellen)

Rachelle: Right? (Texting Brad)

Rhonda: And I go like right...

Rachelle: True, right...

Rhonda: But then, he...

Rachelle: Yah...

Rhonda: He like goes like I'm not sure- right.

Rachelle: What the...

Rhonda: I know- right?

Rachelle: Right

Rhonda: 'Cause he knows it- right?

Rachelle: Psssbtts (mouth noise) Yah, like too true- right...

Rhonda: Right. That's what I said.

Rachelle: Fer sure, I guess.

Rhonda: Cause, like I know that he did- right?

Rachelle: rolls eyes and texts Yah.

Rhonda: So, I say- What the fuck Brad (texting Shondra)- right?

Rachelle: Right...and why wouldn't you- right? (posting pic to Instagram)

Rhonda: I know.

Rachelle: Right? (pause) So...

Rhonda: Whaaat...

Rachelle: If he didn't (pause while texting) like, then maybe Brad is like, you know right.

Rhonda: Right? (texts Julianna about shoe shopping)

Rachelle: I mean, like, he could have- right?

Rhonda: (stops texting and thinks- if that's humanly possible) Like Brad is so like cool- right?

Rachelle: Ya, right...

Rhonda: So, I should think about it right?

Attention diverted...a new text arrives

Rachelle: Oh look, Mike just texted..

Rhonda: Mike Mike? Right?

Rachelle: Ya, well who else right...

Rhonda: Right...