Friday, March 22, 2019

ROBBLOG #774- Let's Get Away From It All

All is right with the world.

Spring has sprung here on our Island Paradise and the Kids in the Playroom are fussing over there in Ottawa.

Is anyone else- besides me, tired of the shenanigans in Ottawa over the past few months? Can we please return to the way it was and can Andrew Sheer pull his lips up over his head and go away.
Jody and Ms Philpott can move to another country.
Now realistically if all that happened, what would Lisa LaFlame have to talk about on the nightly news on CTV. My suggestion would be something that really matter to Canadians- like fashion or the taxes on gas. Gee, gas prices are crazy on the Island- $1.39

We've had great weather on Vancouver Island this past week. Many days of 20c+ and lots of sunshine. Now we need rain because our gardens and lawns are dry, dry, dry.
We are never happy.
I did think that the snow cover we had would keeps things damp but no. The south side of our house is like a desert already, so we have had to water. Our automatic drip system in the gardens and the lawn sprinklers are not turned on yet. We are waiting for a new fancy timer to be installed. We've been asking for the installation for months and now we need it, so maybe we'll have to return to the old timer system to turn on the water for the time being.

Even so, our plants are budding and the Christmas Rhododendron is in bloom. A few crocus and daffodils are as well. It was a tough winter for us Island People. We are behind about a month weather-wise. What with that snow for two or three weeks and a week or so of extended cold. Those of you not from the Island or the lower mainland have to understand that the minus temperatures and the 30 cms of snow we experience are not normal for us- like people actually considering voting for the Conservatives over Justin's Liberals.

The previous winter we skipped merrily through January and February but this cold and snow was ridiculous. A neighbour's husband who is a smarty when it comes to all things you have to be smart to know, says that he believes this will be the norm because of global warming. He says winters here in the west will feature the Polar Vortex in winter and hot, dry, forest-fire inducing summers. It's a new world order folks and in the midst of all this upheaval the Mister and I are getting away for a while.

Diamond Head on Oahu
What used to be a long flight to Hawaii is cut to about 6 hours from here in the west. We are looking forward to being on the Island again. The trades, the blue Pacific and huge palms. The last time we were in Hawaii was three years ago. While there this time, we'll celebrate 34 years together and I've already said we'll be going back again next year for 35.
I mean, we have to- right?

I've started thinking about clearing US customs. Last time we had to actually lie. Helpful Vancouver International Airport agents told us to be sure to fill in our US travel docs as being "not married". I remember an agent and her supervisor telling us that the US Officers just don't get it like here in Canada and we'd save ourselves a lot of trouble declaring each other as being single.
" I am travelling with a friend"-I told the stern, burly Customs fella.
"Where is this friend you are travelling with?" he asked me.
I thought I seemed nervous going through US Customs for the first time.
Pull it together Rob.
"He's over there."- pointing to Tom a couple of passenger lanes over.
He turned his trunk-like neck around and looked for Tom.
He turned back around, gave me another glance and stamped my passport.
He waved me on.

Now, with a new dynasty in the States, I am wondering if I can tell the truth seeing as same-sex marriage is legal in the US these days. I'll let you know. Maybe they'll refuse us entry to make some kind of point.

In the meantime, I'm putting this out of my mind and going outside to see if any new spring flowers have opened.