Sunday, February 15, 2015



Cripes it's cold! It's been unrelenting for what?...the past 4 weeks. The good news is...there's no good news. Not a plus side temperature in site through the end of February!

Those Canadians who packed up and left for Florida or Arizona are lucky. Yes getting up in the morning with the temp only about 5c is cool but look at the alternative- minus 41c!! There's also the hope that you might see the high teens of even 20c by afternoon.
I could handle that.

Our friends on Vancouver Island- in Sidney, saw 11c and sunshine yesterday. Today much the same.
I mean- that's bearable. Good for a walk, a bike ride, a roller blade or maybe even a coffee in the brilliant west coast sunshine. Here in Orillia if the temp hits 11c, the boys have their shirts off and it's Speedo weather! I hear you can actually watch the sun set over the Pacific without freezing your knockers off!

Not much you can do in frigid weather. Walking is tough- unless you only go out with just your eyes peeking out. At what temperature do eyeballs freeze? Better wear sun glasses or goggles to be safe. Walking the dogs is a no-go and letting them out to do their business has to be "operation quick sticks"!

Hard to believe it was a green Christmas a few weeks ago. It was too warm to have the fireplace on.

We had a Valentines Dinner at Cedar at the Casino. The breeze wafting across the Box Office lobby from the entrance was chilly. Hot coffee helped.

So my friends, we have to hunker down for a while yet unless you are able to jet away for a spell. Just one problem, you'll come back to frigidity soon enough.
That almost ruins the time you spend away.

I know this is a short blog but I gotta run.

I have to throw another tree on the fire!