Thursday, January 22, 2015


It's Friday Night about 1135.  Steve- a handsome, brown-skinned boy with dancing eyes is preparing for bed when Jesus drops by for a visit.
Steve: So, stop looking at me like that...
Jesus: How should I look at you Steve?
Steve: Well, not like that. It’s more of a leer than looking.
Jesus: How so Steve?
Steve: I dunno. It’s creepy!
Jesus: Creepy in the way you sleep naked or creepy that I know something that you don’t?
Steve: You know that I go to bed in the buff?
Jesus: Oh yes, I know that. I see that Steve. I drop by every night to have a look at you.
Steve: Alright. Now I’m feeling like a whore. I feel creepy and I feel like a “whore of Jesus”.
Jesus: That’s what it’s all about Steve. I am BIG while you are tiny. I make the rules Steve.
Steve: I know. I heard.
Jesus: I also know what you do in your private moments! ~grin~
Steve: No! Not that too. You bast...
Jesus: Uh, Uh, Uh, Steve. You wanna get to Heaven don’t you?
Steve: Yes. Of course.
Jesus: Good boy. Now watch your language and take off your pants.
Steve: Whaaaat??
Jesus: You heard me. Take ‘em off… and nice and slow too. I like it nice and slow.
Steve: Jesus!
Jesus: Yes?
Steve: No, I mean JESUS!
Jesus: Come, come now Steve. I am the puppeteer and you are the puppet. You know you’ll do what I ask for...
Steve: Or what? ~slipping out of his jeans~
Jesus: Or I’ll make you climb the fire stairway, only I’ll cover it in slippery, hot oil.
Steve: You bloody, big bast...
Jesus: Now Steve. You think this is tough? Imagine what Satan would ask of you?
Steve: NO! I don’t want to think about that! Okay. Okay. I’ll do it.
Jesus: Nice! Very nice! Remember Steve, nice and slow and maybe take the shirt off too.
Steve: Pervert!
Jesus: Thank you Steve. I like boys when they talk dirty. ~pause~ My! You are brown all over-aren’t you?
Steve: Oh shit…