Tuesday, September 9, 2014


One Sunny September Afternoon on Bleeker Street- about 117pm.

Jane: Fu#k!


Jane: Fu#k!


Jane: F#ck again!

~Blanche comes wheeling in~

Blanche: Jane Dear, whatever is the matter? I'm beating the batter for my chocolate chip cookies and I hear you screaming obscenities...

Jane: I wasn't Fu#king creaming obscenities Blanche!

Blanche: Well that's what it sounded like to me.

Jane: Well Blanche ~puff, drag puff~ I was just watching the leaves fall from my favourite Maple Tree in the front yard.

Blanche: Now Jane Dear, that's nothing to get upset about. Leaves fall every autumn. It's September now, we have to expect it.

Jane: ~puff, puff~ Oh I know Blanche. It's just so Fu#king upsetting. I love that tree ~puff~ and the leaves are so green and lush.

Blanche: Love! Never thought I'd see the day when you were so full of something as human as love!

Jane: Oh Hardy-Fu#king Har! ~puff, drag, exhale~ Have I ever told you how much Fu#king fun it is living in this house with you?

Blanche: ~laughing~ many times!

Jane: Well I like that ~puff, drag, puff~ I'm being all nature-like and sentimental and you rip into me for it.


Blanche: Oh heck. Look, I'm sorry Jane. ~pause~ I have an idea. Why don' t you come into the kitchen with me and help me with the chocolate chip cookies? It'll take your mind off the pretty tree.

Jane: F#ck You Blanche. Who do I look like- Suzie Homemaker. ~drag, puff, puff~

Blanche: Now there's the Jane I love!

~she wheels back into the kitchen~