Tuesday, April 22, 2014


Ding Dong the Witch is Dead…
So, Pauline has gone up, up, up in a puff of smoke and her party right along with her.
That’s Good!
The best news ever since the snow started to melt and the temperature crawled above plus one.
However, like all good losers, she just can’t bow out- or burn up, gracefully, she has to get in one more dig namely- “Quebec will be a country one way of the other ~ sob, cry, sob, sniff, sob~ because our language is our culture!”
Piffle and le poppycock.
Quebec is a sum of its parts and one of its biggest parts being the fact it is a province in a country called Canada.
You’re crying Crocodile tears Pauley Darling but it’s too late to buy you a single, soggy note. So enjoy your pension stuffed with all those terrific Canadian Dollars and fly off to Florida with a carton of Export A under one arm and a case of Pepsi under the other.
Isn’t that’s a terrible thing to say- vous dites?
Anti-Quebec you say?
It’s just part of Quebec “culture”- like the Quebecois language, as seen through the eyes of Canadians living outside Quebec.
Hmmm. Maybe what you really need is an image consultant both for yourself and the Province.
So, gather up the twigs.
Get some rope and a box of matches- figuratively speaking of course, while we strike one for the future of Quebec and Canada.
Next on the agenda is seeing Justin Trudeau – a Quebecer, back in the PM’s office in Centre Block and all will be right with the world. We will even be able to go on vacation knowing the country is in good hands. How we managed to endure the past eight or so years without going to hell in a hand basket is beyond me. I guess the checks and balances that are firmly in place have kept this wonderful country of ours on the straight and narrow.
Just ask Mike Duffy all about that…