Monday, March 24, 2014


We have a new addition at Pine Tree House- an 8 week and a few days old mini-Schnauzer.
We had a weak moment last Friday.
You see, the week before we had been seriously looking at a 7 year old yellow lab at the Orillia SPCA. We had walked him a few times and even introduced him to our 9 year old Schnauzer Missy. On St. Patrick’s Day, were in the process of taking him home for a visit to see if he meshed with our orange cats- Dickens and Doyle.
We had no prior history of the fellah. Someone had dumped him off in the middle of the night in a dog run behind the shelter. An old blanket had been thrown in to the enclosure for him to lay on.
Nice eh?
As I loaded him into the van, he whipped around and grabbed hold of my arm and he wouldn’t let go. He reminded me of Cujo, the Stephen King dog gone wrong. He held me for 15 or 20 seconds, biting through my leather coat, a sweater and right into my right wrist. He wasn’t about to let my arm go. Gathering my thoughts quickly, I talked to him quietly and re-assuredly and he soon released my arm. His tail began to wag again and his beautiful eyes twinkled once more.
Problem was, we couldn’t adopt him because we wouldn’t be able to trust him.
It was sad.
Move forward to Friday.
Previous breeders of Schnauzers had told us it was a joy to have two Schnauzers in a household. We had never been in a position to have two, since we had our yellow lab Kiki in residence. Our beautiful Kiki passed last August at 17 years of age. Remembering that, I looked online and found Schnauzer puppies were available approximately a 40 minute drive from our house. I called and made an appointment and a couple of hours later- after breakfast, Tom and I found ourselves laying on a chocolate-coloured hardwood floor with four Schnauzer puppies madly running circles around us.
We chose a silver-coloured young lady and by late afternoon we had her home with us introducing the rest of our family to her. It’s been a busy few days over the weekend but she is coming along nicely and already peeing and pooping- as puppies do, outside! We have named her Koko- the “double K’s” in memory of our sweet Kiki. We try to link new pet’s names to
Pets who have passed on,  keeping their memory alive.
So morning feedings are busy. Before I sat down to write this ROBBLOG this is the process I went through. I call it Morning Breakfast Prep at Pine Tree House.
Morning Breakfast Prep at Pine Tree House
1 Schnauzer- 9 yrs old- Missy by name 
2 cats- Dickens and Doyle 
3 plastic containers of assorted food 
4 bowls on counter
Additional ingredient- one new mini-schnauzer, Koko by name.
Take one new arrival- an 8 week old mini-schnauzer Koko.
Add 1/2 cup of puppy food to one bowl.
For cats, add measured amounts of soft cat food and hard kibble into two bowls.
Do not mix.
Take 4th bowl and add senior dog food to bowl. Snap vegetable treat in half and place on top
of food.
At serving time add 2 two bowls for H2O- Washed and re-filled with fresh Britta.
Place each bowl in separate, pre-determined locations throughout dining room,
kitchen and family room.
Serving suggestion: Place bowl for new schnauzer in kennel. Place puppy inside and close and latch door.
Sit back and have a well-deserved coffee.