Tuesday, February 11, 2014


There are some things I just don’t care about much.
Do you feel that way as well? I believe there just isn’t time to care about everything or everybody today- even if you try to. Here’s a list of some things I don’t care about much.
1. Winter and snow. In fact I don’t care at all. I have seen enough snow this year to last a lifetime. Now, can we please get back to global warming?
2. CBC Radio. One. Two. Three or more. I couldn’t care less but I know a lot of people do.
3. The Olympics. Get a life. These games do little to bring the peoples of the earth together.
4. Stephen Harper and anything Conservative.
5. Justin Bieber
6. Rob Ford. Isn’t there a chunk of ice in Nunavut we could put him on? If it’s a big piece of ice, thrown his brother on it too.
7. Rednecks.
8. Drivers who don’t signal their intent.
9. January and February. This may have been covered in point one but it bears repeating.
10. The 1970’s
11. A long drive to someplace.
12. Watching or listening to the news.
13. Gossips.
14. Snowbanks. Again, this may have been covered in point 1 and point 9.
15. Pauline what’s-her-name in Quebec. If we could squeeze her on that hunk of ice in point 6….
16. Roses on Valentine Day.
17. Famous folk who destroy their lives on drugs.
18. Organized religion.
19. Violence on Film and Television.
20. Lists