Monday, November 18, 2013


Where is the humanity?
Has Toronto City Hall gone to hell in a cocaine basket?
Perhaps, although I am not sure one keeps one’s cocaine in a basket.
This whole Rob Ford story.
Plain and simple- he should just be done- like dinner and a busted crack-pipe.
Now, as I write this, the Ford Tag Team is spewing venom at the City Hall Gallery and the Gallery is lobbing venom right back.
What a Circus sideshow!
Wanna know what I think is going to happen- eventually?
I believe Toronto Police will step in and charge and cuff him.
Ford at least deserves that and that’s all he deserves.
I believe Chief Bair is sitting on top of a crack-load of stuff and he is hoping the Mayor will step down before he has to use it.
He has had ample opportunity.
Will he do it?
Nope. He will not and why you ask?
I think we all know why…he’s a big…well you fill in the blank.
This whole carnival act has to hit a brick wall sooner or later.
The snake is going to bite the “charmer” right in the buttocks and that will be it.
A municipal election will be called and soon Toronto will return to normal.
Nice Normal.
I saw Ford and brother up close at this year’s CNE.
Tom turned to me at one point and said- “Look who’s standing behind you!”
I thought it might have been Jesus but as I turned I could plainly see it was the Mayor of Toronto and his brother Doug.
It was surreal for a moment.
Folks throwing their arms around this sweaty behemoth, smirking and laughing and asking friends to snap a few pics.
Tom asked me if I wanted a photo.
“What? No way!”
It was quite the show I must say.
It was hot and Mr. Ford- the Mayor, was perspiring like a…like a…overweight Mayor might perspire in a very hot summer day.
I looked at him.
Really looked at him.
Right in the eyes.
I thought- “Yes, he’s a crazy one. Crazy to the core of his crackpipe.”
For all the funny business that had been going on in Toronto at City Hall, you have to decide for yourself if you agree or disagree. Try to leave your political leanings out of it and just look at the man and what he has done- not accomplished- done.
I heard that Santa, while making his annual pilgrimage to the Toronto Santa Claus Parade last Sunday- that’s the same parade Santa asked Robbie not to attend, was heard to say to one of his Elves:
“Ho Ho Ho. That boy is certainly naughty. There’s no question about it. Make a note, coal for sure in little Robbie’s sock and to be clear Elf, I said “coal” not “coke”. Oh, Ho Ho Ho!”
That Santa Claus.
Ya got love him.