Monday, January 4, 2021

ROBBLOG #868- Of Fame and Sparkly Gowns


I always wanted to be famous.

I don't know why.
It's appealing to me for some reason.
Maybe it's more the idea of being RICH and famous because I am sure there are famous people out there who would not consider themselves rich- perhaps because they have those offshore bank accounts.

In my own small way, I guess I have been marginally famous.
I was a broadcaster on both AM and FM radio for 30 years.
I still am a broadcaster- online of course, with my stations Starlite- Island Brite and The Island's Golden Classics on Swisssh.
When you think about it the average person doesn't even have that tiny bit of stardom. I now there are listeners around the globe that hear my voice and listen to my stations.
Maybe some of them are famous.
I dunno...

Broadcasting aside, I was also a thespian for many years.
I was in many stage shows and even in latter years- along with the Mister, ran our own company. Still our Facebook Page for Double R Productions continues. Mostly a few funny bits here and there written by me. Some times I post some photos from productions I was involved in. Occasionally, Sister Mary Margaret drops a video onto the site but she hasn't really since the early days of Covid. You can check it out at

I write too.
I have for years.
Stories, shows, articles, reviews, song lyrics and of course this very blog. Some friends even today are surprized when I tell them I have been writing this RobBlog for many years- more than 15 maybe 20. Look upat the top. 
This is the eight hundred and sixty-eighth Blog I have composed and published.
That has to count for something- right? 

 An onstage moment in drag singing "Sisters". Ahhh Showbiz!
I loved that sparkly, sleeveless gown. Don't ask about the helmet...

There is a downside to being really famous of course- the loss of one's privacy. I wonder if Ryan Reynolds or Hugh Jackman can slip into a Tim Horton's or McDonald's without being recognized?
I think probably not.
Autograph seekers would converge.
Social media devotees would haul out their mobiles and pepper the web with fan pictures.
Individuals might lust after Hugh until I'd be forcible removed by Ronald McDonald himself...
My outside voice...

I suppose if one had a few million dollars in the bank one could deal with stardom and being famous. I know I'd at least like to give it a whirl.
I'd like to be driven here and there by a chauffeur.
Shopping at Hudson's Bay or Winners- even if one could afford to have a professional shopper do it.
I would miss sniffing out bargains at Winners.
My handlers- my people, would try to discourage me from frequenting such casual, everyday, working class stores. They'd waltz me to Toronto's Bloor Street or London's Oxford Street and have their way with my purchases. 
One their own, they'd have all the fun. I would just sit at home- in my mansion with the security gate down the drive, waiting to see what they had brought for me.
You know, I don't think that's a way to live.
Maybe I could suggest to my personal shoppers to call Hudson's Bay or WalMart and ask for a private shopping session after hours.
I would even be happy to zip over to Paris and buy new "poo poo undies" for myself at a shoppe along the Champs d'Elysees.

Anyhoo, back to reality...
I am not that famous or doubt I ever will be unless the Mister's horse (read Lotto Ticket) comes in one day and I buy my famousness.
It's not "old money" or movie star money but I'd take it just the same.

Maybe I should set up interviews for my own personal shopper and of course there's pool boys to consider too.

We'll leave my dream of interviewing pool boys for another Blog.