Wednesday, February 26, 2020

ROBBLOG #821-Pound. Thump. Pound.

There are things I'd like to say right here in this RobBlog- but I won't

This RobBlog I write is not an editorial or essay or rant, this BLOG is simply some personal thoughts- laid down, in the same manner as I might vocally relay them to someone sitting opposite me in a coffee shop.
As I get older I do have to reel in my vocal distaste for much of the crap happening in our
neighbourhood, country, world and planet.
Planet. Smanet! Dammit Janet!
There are boundaries, however.

I probably shouldn't mention the Indian chap- First Nations not Punjabi, who stood centre of the street talking on a mobile phone, while I was making a right-hand turn on a very small ramp.
Oh, he saw me.
He saw me.
I saw it as a small blockade without the rail tracks, flags, covered faces and tires smoldering away.
Maybe those larger blockades give the unemployed, the street beggars and those with absolutely nothing to do or nothing on their minds an opportunity, to do something.
Is there free food and drinks or is the opportunity to wear a mask in public outside of October 31st just too much of a good thing to pass?

Someone suggested to me that the government pay them all off and be done with it.
Blockades are not the best way to have people support you when those very folks you look to for support are being laid off or denied goods because of the blockade.
It's a circle. A vicious gawd damn circle!

I don't know what Justin- Our Prime Minister, is about these days either.
I mean, I like the beard.
It's cute. Handsome even.
Is he gonna shave it off if the barricades all come down or if winter finally ends?
He sure seemed to take his time on this barricade deal much to the opposition's delight!
Of course with a minority government one can't do anything right- except maybe ignore Andrew Scheer.
Did someone forget to tell Scheer he's just a fill-in now.
He's not a real leader, so shut up?

Actually Peter McKay should heed those words.
I kinda liked him at one point.
Notice the word "kinda" and "liked".
I thought he was different but he isn't.
I mean for me saying I kinda like a Conservative is saying a lot but his words these past couple of weeks are cautionary.
He just jumped in the same mud puddle as the rest of those Tory leaders who have the audacity to use the words "my Canada". They mean the Canada that we all would still be stuck in back in the darker ages- if it weren't for other leaders. Cripes, I kept the lights off the entire decade that Harper was in power. I hid in the cellar. I wore white-face when I went out in public.
White face?
The same colour Kiss and the Joker wear.
It's not racist!
I would have gladly moved to England or New Zealand or France or some other country where I didn't speak the language and would have no fucking idea what was happening.
Now, that's bliss!

It's the "End of Days" I tell you.
Now, I'm sure you're used to that coming from a right-wing, evangelical God-Fearing preacher but look at the signs?
Pier 1 closing. The final two Zellers Stores.
Will and Grace almost finished their comeback.
Peter Mansbridge still missing from The National. ( Who are those strange new people?)
Woman doing things men used to do.
Men doing things women always did.
Mr. Cheese Face.
Mr. Ford. Mr. Scheer and anyone else of that ilk. There are too many here in Canada to mention.
Quite frankly, I am waiting for the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse to come thundering down my street any day now.
The Hound of Hell lives!!
Actually, she does.
I have her address!

I feel I should be on a pulpit in front of a congregation, pounding my fists in direct relation to the words I speak.

You'll have to imagine you heard the thump-thump-thump.