Friday, October 9, 2015


Haven't visited Bleeker Street in a while, so here we go! R*
On Bleeker Street
A Sunny afternoon now. There had been some drizzle in the morning but the skies have cleared. It's about 2:30 in the afternoon. Blanche is reading a Jacqueline Suzanne novel in the front room. Jane comes in from the kitchen.
Jane: Goddamn tins! Howz anyone supposed to open a goddamn tin these days?
Blanche: Jane! Such language Dear. One would think we lived in the slums listening to you.
Jane: Oh ~puff ~puff~ Just F*&^ off Jane or I'll call a taxi and dump you down in the slums  your *&^*&^ chair and you. Maybe I'd finally get some piece and quiet and men- like Mr. Sporati, would start to visit a little more often.
Blanche: Oh you slay me Jane!
Jane: Oh, if it were only legal! ~puff,puff~
Blanche: What's up with the tin Jane Dear. I just bought a new can opener a week ago after you complained.
Jane: Oh F**K. It's those little tabby things on the can of nuts. I pulled it and the F***ing thing ripped right off. I'm gonna call the G D company and complain fiercely!
Blanche: Now Jane Darling, one gets more flies with honey than with vinegar.
Jane: I'm not looking for any frigging flies. I want to eat a nut! ~puff, puff~
Blanche: glancing out the window Oh look Jane someone's moving into the Henderson place across the road. I wonder who?
Jane: I hope they're like us...~puff, drag puff~
Blanche: Whatever do you mean Jane Dear?
Jane: Like us Blanche. You know, not one of those kerchief wearing  foreigners.
Blanche : Now Jane, that sounds a little racist Dear. Can't people wear what they like on their heads.
What possible difference can it make to you?
Jane: Look Sister Dear ~puff~ if they wanna live in this country, they gotta look and act like us!
Blanche: Oh Heaven forbid that Jane. That sounds racist and irreligious to me. What if someone was born here and chooses to wear a headscarf for personal reasons.
Jane: Ya, well what if everyone plastered mentholatum all over their tits like you do every night!
Blanche: Apples and Oranges Jane Dear.
Jane: Stink and stink I call it.
Blanche: Oh Jane, go and make us a pot of tea.
Jane: Fine! I'll go wrap a tablecloth around my head too!! ~puff, puff~ But don't ask me for nuts. That store is closed!
Blanche: Oh Jane hah-hah