Wednesday, May 15, 2013


On Bleeker Street with Blanche and Jane

Jane: Holy F%$# Blanche!!
Blanche: Now calm down Jane Dear. Whatever is the matter?
Jane: The LCBO might go on strike. ~puff-puff~ Where the F%^# will we get our booze?
Blanche: Jane, it’s not the end of the world. I am sure the Baptist Bootleggers will have plenty!

Jane: You think so? ~drag~puff~puff~
Blanche” ~laughing~ Oh Jane Dear. I guarantee it! Some things never change…
Jane: Like?

Blanche: Like right-wing Baptists, booze ~pause~ Oh and their denial of their homosexual tendencies.
Jane: What the frick are you saying Sister Dear? Are you calling them right-wingers sinners?
Blanche: Oh that would just be a start. They’d like you to believe they’re pure as the driven snow.

Jane: You mean like the Mormons?
Blanche: Exactly and a dozen others too.

Jane: ~drag~puff~drag~ Catholics?

Blanche: Yes, them too but the Catholics don’t really consider drinking- and BINGO, sinful.
Jane: They don’t?

Blanche: No Jane Dear but just try to tell them they have Gay men in the Priesthood.

Jane: ~puff~puff~ What happens then?

Blanche: Well, all H E Double Hockey Sticks breaks out!

Jane: Thanks for this little talk Blanche. I think I’ll make a few phone calls.

Blanche: Where to- a Baptist Church or the LCBO?

Jane: First to the Liquor Store to see if the strikes just a big fib and then to the Baptists! ~puff~

Blanche: Oh Jane Dear, you crack me up.

Jane: Only if I can find a stick big enough Blanche.