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Swisssh Radio-Plays Favourites through the Swisssh Website- streaming “LIVE” since March 2007! Listeners tune in by clicking on the “player” (128K) on the Swisssh Radio Home Page. Swisssh is also heard at (search Swisssh), (Golden Oldies) or on the Windows Media Player under >Media Guide>Internet Radio >Adult Hits. Up to 7000 hours and more are tuned monthly. Our “Favourites Playlist” affords great listening at home, in the office or throughout your business establishment. Contact us at

RADIO is Versatile
Results from the fifth annual study conducted by the Foundation Research Group demonstrate radio’s continued strength and adaptability in today’s complex market. On average, Canadian adults spend 2 hours and 12 minutes with radio daily.

Highlights from the 2010 study:

• On average, Canadians spend more time with radio during a typical work day than with any other medium
• 38% of adults listen to radio some/most of the time while on the internet
• Approximately 1/3 of adults have listened to radio stations online. Of those listening online, 58% are 
  streaming local stations
• 39% of adults have visited a radio station website

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