Monday, October 29, 2018

ROBBLOG #748- Fascinating Reading

Well someone in the vast universe is cheering me on this week. I mean really, who could ask for a better horoscope than this?

"You're creating a wonderful future filled with opportunities.
This week will prove to be the start of an auspicious chapter in the fascinating story of your life."

I mean really...
Apparently I am a fascinating person leading a fascinating life!
I am thrilled beyond words, yet I have a few questions and comments I'd like to put out there to the universe.

How will I recognize these opportunities exactly?

If there were an opportunity- say to invest in a multi-million dollar business, I'd have to pass. A Senior's monthly pay cheque here in Canada doesn't go far. I don't know what I'll do if the price of WalMart brand salmon cat food goes sky high- let alone the partially stale, past due date, wheat crackers I spread it on. Sometimes I get fancy and throw a sprig of grass on top just to fancy it up a bit.

"What's he going on about today, Lucy?"
" I have no idea Ethel!"
Maybe some radio station here on our Island is looking to make me the next big "radio star" of morning radio. Naw, that'll never work. I just don't do mornings anymore and many days I can't pull myself out of my huge, comfy king-sized bed until near 10 o'clock!
Now, before you say "lazy bum" remember I am up some nights until 2 am reading and what with laying wide awake from six until seven most mornings solving all my problems and the world's, why it takes a chunk out of  my REM sleep.

I know that I am a creative person of sorts and I know that in the past this creative side of me has given me some wonderful opportunities- in theatre for instance.
Usually these opportunities don't translate into making money.
That is really the story of my life- getting by. Oh heck, the Mister and I are comfortable but we are not what I would call "well off".
No, "well off" would be having a small walk-up apartment in Paris and an ocean-front home- something smallish and sensible, in Hawaii. From that perspective we are not really comfortable.
I hear groans...

Now about this auspicious chapter of my life that is just starting.
Auspicious as in "conducive to success" or "prosperous".
I am all for auspicious, I mean who wouldn't be.
A royal title would be nice.
A castle to accompany the title would be most welcome- just not in Scotland where my family tree roots run deep. It's just too damn cold and drafty- especially in kilt weather which is anytime in Scotland and who doesn't like to wear a kilt throughout the year no matter the weather.

I am fascinated by the fascinating story of my life but I hope this isn't a typo and it's meant to be "fascinator". I'm just not the kind of "gal" that looks good in a hat- no matter the weather. Think back to the Queen's Granddaughters in those horrendous hats at Bill's wedding. Not the kind of story you want to be stuck with the rest of your life- a bad hat story. However, what's-her-royal-name did much better in that evening gown she wore for the wine and cheese party at the palace on her own wedding night.
She is forgiven.

It's a good thing my social calendar is free this week so I'll have time to fit in the first "auspicious" chapter. Goodness knows how all this will end.

Stay tuned...

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