Tuesday, October 23, 2018

ROBBLOG #746- All the Luck in the World

The word luck.

I've been thinking about that word today and it's derivative lucky.
Is life just plain old luck?
We luck out.
We are lucky to be in the right place at the right time.

Lucky to be alive.
Lucky to be living in this Canada of ours even though there are some nutbars out there like people
who want to fly a "Straight Pride" flag to support "straight" people.
They just don't get it. Too much beer and walking into lamp posts I'll wager.

We are lucky that we are not in that throng of thousands who are walking from Central America, through Mexico and ultimately to the Mexican/US border where that cheezie-faced fellah will probably tell his border guards to "deal" with them. I see it in his eyes as a news story shows the great sloth trudging towards his fancy helicopter.  I don't think these folks are the enemy. Wouldn't it be prudent to send representatives out to these people who are walking through the heat, day after day, to explain that their future is doubtful in that "great land of freedom" they see on CNN.

Their safety is at risk twofold- not just the closed door at the US border but traversing Mexico- not the safest place on the planet but then neither is the country where they are escaping from hoping to find peace, freedom- and work, in another.
I have great sympathy for these folks knowing in their hearts there is something better for them and their families only to run up against extreme right America. When you are frightened and weary, the world of citizenship rules and regulations is the last thing you are concerned about.

I am not entirely sure we here in Canada should open our borders either. Guess that makes me just as bad as our neighbours. Where would we put them and what with winter on its way- yikes.
Housing is a tough nut to crack for Canadians let alone thousands who are used to warmer temperatures.

Lucky to have no worries in that regard.
I am a Canadian.
I have a warm comfortable house and that house is in a Mediterranean climate where weather extremes are non-existent.

Lucky that I don't live in a city run by Patrick Brown. Does that guy have horseshoes up his ass?
People have short memories. First Ford, now Brown.
Is it an Ontario thing?
Gee, I like to hold my grudges and dislikes and let them simmer over low heat for years and years as well as the next person but I can't forget the Fords or Brown.

I'm lucky that I have friends who enjoy my company. Lucky that I have a husband who has stayed with me for almost 34 years and no, there's no medal for that achievement.

Lucky I have food to eat and a roof over my head.
Lucky that I have traveled a bit to see how other folks live. I have not been to either Mexico or Central America and I still don't have the desire to go. Same with Cuba. Visiting a country where folks are not free and taking them a tube of toothpaste so I'll feel better staying in my three star hotel while a kilometer down the road Cubans are living in crumbling houses.
No thanks.

I am lucky to have seen both the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans. I've seen the Eiffel Tower, Tower Bridge in London. Our Parliament Buildings. The Brandenburg Gate in Berlin. New York City. Waikiki Beach. The Rocky Mountains. Hollywood and Niagara-on-the-Lake.

Finally, I am lucky to have my health and my wits.
No comments from the Peanut Gallery...
Without one's wits there's no remembering when and no going forward. It's a time warp and although I love doing the Time Warp- again and again, I want to remember it.

Lucky that I do.

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  1. I too am very lucky and am blessed to call you and Tom my friends. With much love, light and lavender hugs, xx XX xx