Monday, November 19, 2018

ROBBLOG #751-Good News?

Anne Murray sang it a few years ago- We need a little good news today...

Some days it feels few and far between.
Those are the news stories that make us smile or say- that's good. They can be hard to find.

One good news story is our ten dollar bill featuring Viola Desmond appears today. She was a successful business woman and the Mother of the Civil Rights Movement. Miss Desmond was removed from a New Glasgow, Nova Scotia movie house when she sat in the "whites only" section and refused to leave.
She was escorted from the cinema to jail by police.

What? In Canada you say? Lovely little all-accepting Canada
Yup. I do say.

We have our dark moments. I mean Ford is Premier of Ontario!
You've heard of that Catholic Boys School St Michael's in Toronto? Apparently they teach boys how to be men and be pillars of the community. Not all, unfortunately.
Some get the idea that sticking a broom handle up a fellow student's ass is fun and exciting and just may teach little faggots a lesson.

These boys need to be thrown out of school permanently. Maybe the Pope can fly over and scourge them. They've been arrested and will have something to explain on their records for years to come, well, unless it gets swept under the rug of Holy Catholicism.
I say nail 'em up!
Was that my outside voice?

Anyhoo, back to pleasant stories.
The Santa Claus Parade happened in Toronto on  Sunday. We watched it on television as we are here on Vancouver Island. It was jolly but they never show enough of the marching bands. These days the telecast is rather like one big television commercial after another as the huge floats roll by. I'll bet it takes mega bucks to put on such a display these days. I wonder how much Eaton's put aside each year to present their Eaton's Santa Claus Parade? It was a sight to behold and they did it all by themselves.
Those were the days.

We are driving over the Malahat to Victoria on Saturday to see the Santa Light Parade. That'll be fun. Thousands of lights and marching bands too. Then, next week the small 6,000 strong community of Ladysmith- about 20 minutes north of us here in the Cowichan, presents a huge light parade that takes about an hour and a half to pass by. Last year it was magnificent!
Much easier to have evening parades here with milder temps and no snow. I'm not sure a lot of folks would turn out on a cold November night in "old home" of Orillia, Ontario if their Santa Parade shifted to nightime.

Did you see the photos of the small bear cub rescued from Downtown Huntsville Ontario? He'd been hanging around- obviously separated from his mother, at an intersection when citizens became concerned. A police officer picked him up and placed him on the back seat of the cruiser where he curled up and went to sleep. The cub was taken to a sanctuary.

Finally, there was the heart-warming picture of an officer holding a baby while the babe's mother filed an abuse report. Apparently, the officer cuddled and kept watch while all the paperwork was completed.
This is good stuff.

You may have to look a little harder for it but there are some good news stories out there.
Thank goodness for that!

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  1. I love the good news stories Rob, keep them coming. Share away. xx