Tuesday, April 24, 2018

ROBBLOG #715- No End to Our Good Days

Jesus, Mary & Josephine!
It looks like we've made it to live another day.

April 23rd has come and gone and no "End of Days".
Somebody made a big mistake- again, while prophesying our ruin and subsequent total damnation.

Speaking of total damnation, by now you've heard about that asshole who slaughtered innocent people as he drove and rammed a rental truck along a 2 km stretch of Yonge Street in North York in Toronto on Monday afternoon.
For those folks my heart goes out.
You get up in the morning expecting to make it through your day. You're looking forward to an after work drink or an evening meal with friends, family or co-workers and you don't get to make it through your day.
And why?
All because some maniacal idiot thinks killing people is doing a huge favour for some hateful, revengeful God figure that'll get him into some weird version of Heaven packed with virgins.
Not that the "normal" version of a Heaven isn't weird- it is, however that driver's version is completely f*cked up whether it's virgins or just attention he craves.
The F*ckpot!

These kind of horrendous events used to only happen in places like America or some hot, dust-ridden, god-forsaken country populated only by people in kaftans with camels and sand dunes.
Not so these days.
This can happen anywhere at any time.
As my Mum use to say: when your time is up- your time is up.

We have to make the most of our time here on this plane of existence for our own plug could be pulled at any time. That's why- and I may have said this before, that's why The Mister and I took a chance and moved our whole lives three time zones west to Vancouver Island, Canada.
Oh but it wasn't all fun and games.
It was stressful.
yet Fun.

Being here on Vancouver Island in the city of Duncan has allowed us to relax and breathe. It has given us the opportunity to be outdoors ninety percent of the time since we arrived off the Ferry from Tsawwasen and mainland Canada back in August 2017.

We are not alone.
Lots of Ontarians are doing the same thing and they're not just screaming and running away from the likes of Patrick Brown or Doug Ford- even though those are two great, sound reasons to leave. Maybe a crazy person begging to be shot in the head is a good reason to pack up your old kit bag and get outta Dodge as well.

Weather is a major reason to come here to the Island and retirement.
Double digit temperatures in April- sometimes in February and March, are absolutely unbelievable for Canada.

A few days ago I was at a garden centre where a husband, wife and a red setter doggy named "Murphy" were admiring one of the plants on my cart. It was an Azalea with about a hundred buds all ready to bloom the most brilliant red.
"It's just amazing that I can plant this now- being from Ontario", I said to the couple while patting Murphy on his beautiful puppy head.
She shrieked- "My Husband and I are from Ontario too! Whitby. A year ago!
I said- "Orillia. 8 months ago."

Without a doubt, every second person you talk to here is either from Ontario or has family there. You'd be surprized at how many people know Orillia and have a relation or two there.
I never knew Orillia, Ontario was so worldly. Orillians as well as Ontarians, really get around and staying within the borders of our Canada too.
Health coverage is pretty much the same here.
Language is the same. There's even French s'il vous plait!
Federal laws- the same, of course.
"Island time" is a bit different and one would be amazed at the conversations one can get involved in whilst standing in a check-out line!

So kids, do your research and you'll see what the Island has to offer.
Google information is a few keystrokes away.
Here's something:
Seldom will you hear about us "Islanders" back East.
Seldom will a national weather forecast talk about the Mediterranean climate we live in here in the Cowichan Valley.
Seldom will newscasts report anything west of Vancouver and the Lower Mainland.

I suggest you do your research soon before another "End of Days" is upon us.
It could have a disastrous effect on the real estate value of your home, so you'll want to sell outside of a "biblical threat".

If Sodom and Gomorrah is Ontario- or even New Brunswick heaven forbid, Vancouver Island is surly "The Promised Land"!

Holy Moses!

Monday, April 16, 2018

ROBBLOG #714 The End of Days

Boy, it's been quite the nasty weather for parts of this wonderful country called CANADA.

Not here on Vancouver Island of course. No, we have been basking in double digit temps while planting our lavender, palms, banana plants and such. Unfortunately, some of you have seen rain, freezing rain, twenty to thirty centimetres of snow, ice pellets, high winds, Doug Ford ranting about being Ontario's next Premier and even more snow and freezing rain and wind.

It's been horrendous for Easterners to say the least.

So what the feck gives?
Think about it.
Cold, snow, power outages, accidents, the west bombing Syria, unusual April weather...
For Goodness sakes People, it's the end of days as in the Prophecy.
You know- in the Good Book.

The date is nigh.
It's Monday April 23rd, 2018.
The day when thousands of you will be raised up to Heaven and millions of dead people- stuck in their coffins and whatnot underground for years, will accompany you.
It's not a pretty sight but once you have arrived in Heaven things will be hunky-dory and smell pretty darn good.

Now, those of us that don't wish to be a part of "The Rapture" and fly upwards on April 23rd should not feel left out. We are not lost- or to be pitied.
We will have 7 days or so- give or take, to come to our senses and fall to our knees to He who rules both Heaven and Earth.
You should know that He has plans on decreasing the surplus population if we don't see things His way.
Even so, it might not be such a bad idea to wait it out.
You know how these massive events can be...
Bad food.
Kids shrieking.
Assholes in front of you holding up the line, asking for better seats as you prepare to fly heavenward.

You should know that there'll be no First Class or Business Class as you fly to Heaven.
No window seats either. Every seat is a window seat.
It's all one contented class. All one BIG happy family.
It's what you have all been waiting for since time began.
Okay, maybe not that far back since the dinosaurs and early man don't count this time around but it is good news for those of you from Adam and Eve- or Adam and Steve, onwards.
You'll all be saved and fly equally.
By the way, I am not certain that you'll get air miles for this Rapturous Flight.

I have to come clean here. Perhaps, it's not exactly true that you'll all be treated equally.
You see, the Catholics- who practise the only true religion, will probably fly up front first as millions attempt what Sister Bertrille- Sally Field in real life, so ably accomplished on TV a few decades ago.

What a day this will be.
Monday April 23rd.
Circle the date on your calendar or make a notation in your "palm pilot".
The ends of days is upon us.
Good thing I didn't buy those Stampeders' tickets last week!
Oh My Lady- that was a close one!

So you all have a great and glorious day as you prepare for the inevitable and the "final" great and glorious day.

See you next time right here on my Blog...
or- maybe not...

Monday, April 9, 2018

ROBBLOG #713 Back to Bleeker Street

On Bleeker Street

A seemingly quiet, sunny Thursday Afternoon around 2:15 pm on Bleeker Street...

Jane: Holy Shite Blanche!!

~Blanche drives her wheelchair into the parlour where Jane is reading the Daily Rag, smoking a Players Plain Cigarette~

Blanche: Why, whatever is the matter Jane Dear?

Jane: This! This story here in the paper is absolutely disgusting. That's what it is. ~puff, drag, puff~ Plain, F&%#ing disgusting.

Blanche: What has you so upset in that filthy rag you're reading.

Jane: Blanche Dear, this rag as you call it ~puff, puff~ gives me wide variety of unbiased news and information!

Blanche: Oh Really...like what for instance?
~Blanche wheels back to the kitchen. Jane follows and sits on a stool~

Jane: Like this story right here on Page 11.

Blanche: This is the story that has you so upset I heard you screaming from the pantry cupboard.

Jane: Yes that's the F*^$ ing  story I mean Blanche.

Blanche: Well what is it Jane? Let me have it.

Jane: Oh Blanche Darling ~drag, puff, puff~ I would love to let you have it. I'd love to take that wheelchair you sit in like the cock of the rock and pound it to shit with a big sledgehammer!!

Blanche: Sister Dear, you say the nicest things! ~smirk~ So, what is it this time? Has the price of ciggies gone up- again?

Jane: Worse. This fellah in F^#+ ing England is giving his frostbitten toes to some bar up in the Yukon.

Blanche: Whatever for?

Jane: To use in a Gawd-Damned drink. That's what for. It's disgusting.

Blanche: Well, this time I must agree with you. The poor guy losing his toes...

Jane: Feck that Blanche! ~puff, puff~ What a perfectly good waste of Vodka!!

Blanche: Oh Dear. I should have guessed...

Monday, April 2, 2018

ROBBLOG #712 A Piece of Our Island

Holy Smokes People!

The Mister and I have been in Palm Villa here in the Cowichan on Vancouver Island for four months and already people are saying the nicest things!

Comments from- you have a beautiful home to your home is a "showplace", the accolades are coming our way already. I really must confess, I did not think we could outdo Pine Tree House back in Orillia, Ontario- perhaps we never will.

However, folks passing by are commenting on our lawn and gardens and of course our Windmill Palm. Our yard and gardens are smaller compared to what we had in Ontario but we are packing the plants in wherever there's a bit of space.
We must be on the right road.
We're hearing:
Lovely Gardens.
Lovely house.
Just lovely.

We have a red Muskoka Chair and matching wooden bench in a landscaped area just along the south side of the house.
How cozy.
How charming.
Nice red colour!
We are hearing all this and more.
I think colour wins the race and we love colour.

Brilliant Apple Red seating with bulldozer and Dirt in the background
Dale and Janet who cleaned our home before we took possession, stopped me this week as they were driving by to say they have cleaned almost every home in Stonewood Village and ours is the nicest inside.
How nice is that??
I don't now what this is based upon.
Interior colours?
All of the above?
Again it is so nice to hear.

We hope to get the rest of our Daylillies in the ground within the next week, The landscaper has to bring us more than a few shovelfuls of dirt to fill up our backyard first. In a couple of weeks our new year-round gazebo will be built. What a treat not having to take a canvas roof down every year as the first snowflakes fall. Here on the Island, these structures withstand Island weather- year-round.

Our Lanai. New construction in the background- from $520,000!
These days cherry blossoms, dogwood, azalea bushes and camellias are all out in bloom.
Colours of pink and burgundy, white and purple. A drive down city streets is absolutely beautiful. Throw in the brilliant yellow from forsythias and it's a feast for the eyes!

We still have more ideas for our gardens and we'll work hard at making them even better.

For many years we saw pictures of the beauty of springtime here on Vancouver Island but it is quite overwhelming to see it in person.

It makes one's heart sing.

Wednesday, March 28, 2018

ROBBLOG #711- Another Visit With the "Big Guy"

Time for another short chat with "The Big Guy" upstairs

~ ring, ring-a-ling!

Me: Hello there Sir, It's me Rob.

BG: Hello Rob. I know it's you.

Me: You do?

BG: Yes, I am Omni-present you know. I've told you that before. I am everywhere. I knew you'd be calling yesterday, so I cleared my desk of appointments for today at this time.

Me: Wow! That's amazing!

BG: Now Robbie- I can call you that can't I?

Me: Sure. Who am I to judge?

BG: I remember when you were just a little nipper your Mum and Dad called you Robbie. Good times. Anyway, what's with the ring-a-ling? I want folks to know that you and I are not communicating on a "real" telephone or we're not texting or facebooking. We are talking in your mind- right?

Me: Yes, of course. Have I led people to believe otherwise?

BG: Well, you know how easily people can be lead. I just wanted to make that clear. You know, a lot of people over the years have claimed to have talked to me.

Me: Like who?

BG: Well,  all of the Popes. That cute little gal at Lourdes and of course Andre Scheer and Doug Ford. And that's only a small list.

Me: I see. Quite a list. Gee, you must be getting really busy this time of the year.

BG: Oh Robbie, you don't know the half of it. By the way I saw your Dad- Walter, the other day and he says to say hello. He's doing good. Sends his love.

Me: That's nice.

BG: And your friend Sue. Sorry she had to leave all of you. We're just getting her settled in and she's still in a state of flux. The Angels are helping her along. She looks terrific in her new wings by the way.

Me: You always have a way of making me feel better.

BG: That's my job. Sometimes people let their minds get all muddled and confused- and angry. I am here to calm things down- if I'm asked of course. I never barge right in.

Me: That's nice of you. So Easter, eh?

BG: Yes. I still like Christmas best but I mean what's not to like about Easter with all that chocolate and bunnies and stuff.

Me: Oh, sure but I thought you'd be a little more involved with the religious side of the holiday?

BG: Oh I can be. If that's what people want- or need. I am not here to decide for anyone. People have to do that for themselves. I didn't make up religion- the earth folks did that. You let a bunch of men write a book and it creates a movement. It's happened many times over the centuries. I just sit up here and smile. Sometimes it gets a bit much and I get real sad ~pause~ you know...

Me: Really? You?

BG: Well the killings, the wars, the hate, the unnecessary things people say to each other. Look Robbie, it's a beautiful world and planet you have. Why fuck it up? I should have let women be in control. Wait, I mean women should have taken control. Look if a kd lang was the Queen of Earth, things would be much different. Or a Jann Arden. Without so much cussing of course.

Me: I guess men have started a lot of bad things in the History of the World- even today it continues.

BG: Not all men. Fellahs like Gord Downie or Justin Trudeau or even yourself have changed people's minds.

Me: Me?

BG: Don't tell me that you don't know all the good you've done and the example you've set for many Gay men and Straight folks alike. You lead the life you were meant to live. Wasn't that a theme at your wedding?

Me: It was. It was on the invitations. Nice that you remember that.

BG: Oye! I remember everything! Some days it's to much but you know what?

Me: What?

BG: Some day, way far away from now, it'll all be worth it. Then I'll only remember the good things because it will all be good. The world needs that. What did Jackie de Shannon sing? What the World Needs Now is Love Sweet Love.

Me: Hey! You like 60's music.

BG: Well, Rob. That's when music was music. I am not quite hip to this "hop" stuff but my Son tells me it takes all kinds to make a world.

Me: I guess he has some pretty bad memories to deal with this time of the year?

BG: How so?

Me: Well, Easter and all. Death and resurrection and such...

BG: Again Robbie-Bobby. Words in a book that mortals claim that I told them to write.

Me: Did you?

BG: Depends on what you want to believe. It's not up to me. Hey, you better get a move on. You and your husband Tom are going to Costco- aren't you?

Me: How did...I mean...you....

BG: It's that Omni-present thing again. So Robbie, time to turn off that little voice in your head and hang up now. It's been an absolute delight chatting with you one again and just one little thing before I toddle off to my Easter egg painting class...

Me: What's that?

BG: Not too much chocolate young man! You've gotta watch that "Girlish" figure of yours. Hah. Hah!

Me: Later Big Guy...

Monday, March 26, 2018

ROBBLOG# 710 Here Comes Peter Cottontail

Here Comes Peter Cottontail!
It's Easter.

Sweet little bunnies, baskets of eggs, mouth-watering chocolate, new hats and outfits, spring flowers and thoughts of warmer days just ahead.

Then, there's the Christians.
Oh My Dears...
It's the time of the season to think about death, pain, torture and sin.
Then, more torture, blood, whipping, palms being waved in the air, a little more blood and a resurrection from being dead for three whole days-
In that heat?

The Good Book has both Lazrus being resurrected by Jesus and Jesus being brought back to life by his Dad- The Heavenly Father, only to be seen first- in his resurrected state, by a Harlot who just happens to be the first recorded case of a "Fag Hag"... in my humble "Atheist" opinion.

Of course being brought back to life after being dead for a bit is "biblically balanced" by the Son of the Almighty being birthed by a young- possibly under 16 years old, Virgin child.

Now, if an alien were to be told some of these things their response would be-
Of course the alien in question would have to be super advanced and see the humour in the situation especially when told that millions of earthlings believe in this stuff- many word for word.

So Easter.
Jerusalem is booming with both Christians and Jews flocking to the Holy City to be near to God. Many get carried away- quite literally, to hospitals. These folks get so caught up in believing this stuff that they fall ill.
It's call the Jerusalem Syndrome.
Wikipedia- where everything is true, describes the condition as- “A group of mental phenomena involving the presence of either religiously themed obsessive ideas, delusions or other psychosis-like experiences that are triggered by a visit to the city of Jerusalem.”

Psychology Today says - "People have been found wandering in the Judean desert wrapped in hotel bed sheets or camped in front of the Church of the Holy Sepulcher, convinced they will soon be birthing the infant Jesus."

For Jews the whole City of Jerusalem is a special place. From the Wall to the Dome of the Rock to the very air and sky. There's a belief that the sky and earth meet in Jerusalem.
Maybe just outside a local McDonalds.

I've been reading about some over-the-top believers saying they are actually Jesus or at the very least his cousin- the unwashed, fur-wearing John the Baptist. I haven't read anything- so far, of any gal convinced that she is Mary Magdalene, the "holy" trollop who hung around with Jeeze and the Boys.

It is a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World- isn't it?

Only last week we had a bible-thumping neighbour yelling bible verses down the street after us because I had said- "Not my Book, Not my Belief" to him when he first quoted something about trees and petroleum from the bible.

Fuckety-Fuck! (my new favourite expression)

Jesus- right after Mary Magdalene told a knock-knock joke
Maybe I am wrong here but I do not think the word "petroleum" is actually in the Bible, let alone verses regarding pulp and paper mills killing Canadian trees to make newsprint for European publications.
Am I wearing a tee shirt these days saying "Religious Zealots Pick On Me"?
Thank the Good Deity for having several Island Atheists living in close proximity. I mean we can dance naked around open fires swilling copious amounts of wine pretty much anytime we choose these days.
I am happy that I am not alone in my beliefs.
Not so much a "belief" as a "lifestyle"- you know like the Christians believe we Gays and Lesbians lead.

Christians can be the most judgemental of all.
Many thrive on it...not all.

Esther and Marge on Easter Morning in church for instance:

(Christ the Lord Has Risen Today being sung in the background)

Esther: "Oh Look at that hat June is wearing Marge. Looks like something outta the local thrift shop or dump."

Marge: "Yes, I do vow. Oh but she's a real tramp anyway.
At least that's what Bertha Phillips over at the laundromat says. A different man every week but that hat- a real dog's Breakfast!"

Esther: "Praise the Lord, ain't that so..."

So Easter.
For those "Atheists" in the crowd, enjoy your chocolate and new shoes.
For all others, whatever turns your crank.

However, be careful and be smart- especially if you head out into the Saskatchewan Desert wrapped in a Motel 6 bedsheet looking for a vision from Andrew Scheer.

Friday, March 23, 2018

ROBBLOG #709- Seven is my Lucky Number

There once were a couple of boys.
Men actually...

Who decided to uproot and move away from everything they knew, loved and felt comfortable with.
They packed pets, pots, pans and paraphernalia and moved a long way away. So far away in fact, they found themselves living on an Island in The Pacific just off the west coast of Canada.

How romantic.
How different. Gas is $1.37!
Island life is slower.
The air is warmer. Winters milder and the ocean air adds a couple of years to your life.

These boys- now men, made the trip, settled down and grew new roots.
They are both very happy to say that today- Friday March 23, 2018 marks the 7th completed month of life here on Vancouver Island.

Of course, you have guessed by now that the men are The Mister and me.
I am not going to bore you with a repeat of everything I have told you on this Blog the past seven months.

What I want to tell you is that anything is possible if you want it bad enough.
Change is never easy but then staying stagnant isn't either.
I think we all get to a point where we just feel comfortable and we feel we have already changed enough. Just maintain the status quo day after day, month after month, year after year.
Don't ruffle feathers.
Don't do something unexpected.
I say- Poppycock!
Banana Oil!
Fuckety- whuckety, fuck, fuck that!

We walk a lot on our Island PHOTO CREDIT: Tina
Even I thought I was getting too old to change. I told friends and family that they'd have to carry me out of "Pine Tree House"- our old home in Central Ontario, in a "pine" box!
Yet, here we are seven months later completing seven months of a huge change.
I look at those words "seven months" and can hardly believe it myself.

If you are contemplating change and just maybe you are at this time of the year being a winter-weary Ontarian (or Easterner), I want to tell you that you can do it!

Yes, you will leave friends and family behind.
Yes you have to have stamina and nerve and some cash.
Yes, you have to look to the future and bury the past for the past is just that- The Past!
Time is fleeting.

There are three Ontario Couples living in this new development besides us. A couple from Woodstock- formerly Barrie and another from Burlington- formerly King City not far south of our old home in Orillia.
Others are from Winnipeg, Edmonton, Calgary, Kelowna, Vancouver and Victoria. One half of one couple is from the south- Mr. Cheezeface country. I don't know if he is still a Yank or not but he's quite funny and friendly.

It might be something to think about.
No pressure.
It's just the first step of many in the "rest of your life"!

Tuesday, March 20, 2018

ROBBLOG #708 House & Home


I am wondering...
What makes a home?
Is it the house, the structure itself or the things inside it.
Is it the people?
The wallpaper?
The things on a shelf.
The memories.
Pictures on a mantle or
All of the above.
Some thoughts...
A home should be a place of retreat. A place to lay your head down when you're tired. A place to get your strength back when you're sick. A place to hide away from the world when you need a day to yourself.
Re-charge your inner being.
Rest. Relax. Re-assess.
A home can be hard to leave. It becomes a person. A real, very live thing after a few years. A home speaks to you. Surrounds you.
Protects you.
A home can be compassionate. Quietly saying- "I'll look after you".
A real home needs your loving care too. A coat of paint. A repair. A flower or bush planted in just the right place.
A home offers a sunny spot for an afternoon cup of tea and a good read from a favourite book.
A home is where friends and family gather. Your family. Your definition of family- not someone else's. A home is a wreath hanging on your front door- a welcome to one and all.

A home is where people come to visit you. To stay for a day or a week.
A home welcomes you when you have been away.
A familiar place.
A sense that things will be okay.
A home can be new or more than a hundred years old.
It can be an apartment in the sky, a mansion on a hill or a vehicle on four wheels.
A home sees people come and go whether friends, family or the person delivering the post to your front door.
A home says welcome. Take off your coat. I'll make you a cup of something hot to drink.
A home is the beginning to your day and a welcome when you come home after your day is done.
A home comforts you in times of grief.
Shares happy times. Makes times happy.
A home is all these things and more.
It is the special memories from a picture, an urn, a favourite chair, a crackling fireplace.
It is people and family and favourite pets. The grass outside and the bird feeder by the back door.
We all should have a home. A true home where we feel comfortable whether alone or with a house full of people who Love you. Respect you. Hold a place in your life.
Make your home wherever you may be. Sometimes it's difficult to make a new home. We can be content with what we have or we can change and start new.
All over again.
It's not always easy.
It's a big change.
Sometimes it's required even if your own heart questions your decision.
Changes can be challenging but eventually- one day, when the sun is shining and the birds are singing- when you least expect it, your house becomes- your home.

Friday, March 16, 2018

ROBBLOG #707 Springtime on The Island

Springtime on the Island!
We're about 3 weeks behind weather-wise, all because of that arctic cold front that hit us back in February.
The birds are singing.
The grass is green- it has been all winter.
The frogs started croaking a couple of nights ago
and leaves and flowers are busting out all over.

The sky was such a brilliant blue this morning and there was not a cloud to be seen as I sat in my yellow Muskoka Chair sipping on a Pride of Arabia coffee.
This is retirement at its best!
The sun is much warmer and the daylight is much longer this time of the year. Not only are the swallows returning to Capistrano, the Snowbirds are planning their return trip back to Canada!
Some have a couple of weeks yet while others are making their way back home sooner.

Looking East on the south side of Palm Villa
Here on the island life goes on.
The palms are swaying in the springtime breezes and everyone is talking about their gardens. Bikes are everywhere and people are walking along trails and through neighbourhoods.
Everybody is a "Chatty Kathy".
If you ever move to the Island be prepared to talk- a lot.
Everyone from supermarket checkout lines to gas bars, shops, restaurants and downtown sidewalks are talkative.
You meet new friends.
Hear the Island gossip.
You find your way.
It's how we do it on the Island.

It feels right.

As I said a few Blogs back, I have let "old home" go.
I am focusing my days on my new "Home" here in the Cowichan. I haven't read a local paper online from back in Ontario for several weeks. I still look at the Toronto Star every day but I let my eyes skip over the stuff about that asshole running for the opposition or that orange ball of fluff south of the border- both cut from the same Conservative, right-wing cloth.
People! People! People!
How could you let this happen in Ontario and what is the opposition leader's platform?
Get rid of Kathleen Wynne?
Some platform.
Maybe if they all started working together instead of craving power, government could actually accomplish something.
I digress.
I live in British Columbia now where we don't even have a provincial Tory party!

These days on our Island, the Mister and I are shopping for a hard top Gazebo for our back yard. A red chair to match our outdoor red bench that once sat on our front Verandah back in Orillia. The bench sits on the south side of Palm Villa just above our rock garden.
I have been getting favourable reviews from neighbours concerning its placement.
I'm also looking for a sun face to hang in the peak of our roof overlooking the back yard.
I sure wish I hadn't left the sun face I had on our outdoor garden shed back home. The first buyers of Pine Tree House didn't deserve that kindness but that's another story that I am NOT discussing here on this Blog.

Oh and plants...
We have to stop by Dinter's Nursery once again to pick up a couple of plants for our garden along the north side of the drive. By the way, none of these tasks is considered a chore.
We are both loving it the Mister and I.

That's just Island Life!

Tuesday, March 13, 2018

ROBBLOG #706- Coming 'Round the Mountain

I've been singing- "She'll Be Coming 'Round the Mountain When She Comes".
The Mister and I took a bike ride from our house- Palm Villa, to the base of
Mount Prevost (Pree-voh) last weekend. It was a brilliant sunny day and good for a ride along the Trans Canada Trail to Johnston Street, then along Somenos Road to Mount Prevost Road. A bald eagle harkened our arrival at Mount Prevost road, sitting on a sturdy branch at the top of a Sequoia Tree. It was a brilliant sight. The bird's ultra-white head glowing in the bright, spring sunshine searching for prey I would bet.
At the end of the road, there was Prevost up close and personal. There is a further road to the summit but it would be hell pumping up on a bike. So, we stood surveying the mountain base and the area around us. Birds were chirping away. There were tulips and spring plants in a front garden at a two- storey, white house- facing us, next to the road. On the other side- at our backs, a small unkept house- maybe originally a trailer, with at least seven rusting vehicles- both cars and trucks, sitting in the yard.
The home and property both messy.
Uncared for.
A junkyard.
Unfortunately, we see this a lot in the Cowichan. A beautiful backdrop of nature marred by an unsightly property with garbage strung about, a selection of old vehicles and usually a string of Christmas lights hanging sloppily across the front of the house that have obviously been there for years.
What happened to caring for the environment?
Our Mother Earth.
A beautiful Island landscape turned into a dump and I will say it- usually a First Nations family.
I do not know and I do not understand.
When I ask fellow islanders they say-
"It is what it is...".
It is sad. That's what it is.
This can happen in a well-kept neighbourhood too. House upon house of nice yards and green gardens and then on a corner a broken down hovel with old coke cartons shoved in broken windows and a bathtub or old chesterfield flung in the yard.
There we were standing looking up at this tree-lined mountain. I wanted to see more so I suggested we return home on our bikes and come back with the van to make the climb.
So, we did.
The road was paved at first and then turned into a logging road- quite passable but still a logging road. It was a tight squeeze when a vehicle came down the mountain and going up we had limited space to pull over on our right. It would be several kms to the top.
As we rounded a corner, the landscape changed from green to white.
Snow on the road.
Icy patches made it slippery but we continued- slowly. The cairn was at the top and the signs directed us as we drove closer and closer to the summit.
The Pacific through the Trees
We were marvelling at the views and the woods. Then, A final turn to our right.
More snow.
A steep slope.
An end to our journey.
The van's wheels started to spin and we were stuck half way up a steep grade.
I had to back down, turn around and head down the mountain.
We couldn't imagine getting stuck and having a tow truck answer our call at 630 in the evening.
We did have a good cell phone signal however, even that far up.
The Island Highway in the foreground and the Islands
So we drove the five kms or so back down Mount Prevost and took a couple of photos along the way.
We'll try it again in a few months when the temperatures are warmer still and the snow is gone.
We Love this Island paradise.

Friday, March 9, 2018

ROBBLOG #705 A Trip to Dinters

A blog in the continuing series of what makes "The Island" better than Ontario.

Maybe better is too harsh a word.
I mean I love Ontario summers and all.
The green grass, sparkling lakes, the smell of a summer morning. It's all going to be missed.
Patrick Brown aside though, there are many reasons why The Island is a nice change from Ontario.
The Mister and I are coming up on 7 months here Island later this month.
I know...
Hard to believe for us too and we're living the dream!

We survived 4 1/2 months of delays in the building of our new home here in the Cowichan. We've been moved into our new Island home we call- Palm Villa, since December and have even started to move out into the community both by volunteering and going out to theatre. It takes some time to start to "live" here.

The weather- for Canada, is incredible as I have said many times before. Yes, we have damp days.
Today for instance as I write this blog is damp but I can't remember the last rainy day. The showers today are prompting me to get out and dig in the plants we bought two days ago at Dinter's Nursery just south of Duncan on the Island Highway.

Bees are busy on Plants.
We bought a Magnolia Tree.
No, you won't see them in Ontario.
Two skimmia's. Not in Ontario either. These plants- a male and a female, produce fragrant flowers and red berries come December.
There's a salmon-pink Camelia which is flowering now and a trio of Heather's- two reddish purple and a vanilla white, also in flower. Heather is everywhere on the island.
We spoke to Mr. Dinter and he says the season is behind this year because of that arctic cold spell we had a few weeks ago.
Daffodils should have been out by now.
Some are blooming here and there but not masses of colour yet.
We have some double digit temperatures starting on the weekend and things will change quickly.
Dinter's was packed with folks when we shopped the greenhouses. The parking lot was full when we packed up our plants and left and it was only Tuesday- not a weekend!

Palms for Sale at Dinters. $1600 for this beauty
I can't wait to get out there and get these plants into our gardens. We still have 30 lillies Tom potted up before we left "old home" and they should go into the ground now. The landscapers- Cam and his Dad Mike, put some dirt into our back yard gardens, so we can plant there now as well.

It does seems unbelievable that while Ontario's ground is hard as a rock, the land here on the Island is ready for planting. I saw a photo yesterday of trees blooming in Victoria just 50 minutes down island.

In the next couple of weeks the outdoor painters will be back to touch up our house and start on homes that are now occupied next to us since we moved in almost four months ago. Today we are discussing plans for fencing in our back yard. It's not the yard we had back in Orillia though.
There, we had huge gardens and a lot that was becoming increasingly time-consuming to look after.
Here on Vancouver Island we have a postage-sized lot as compared to Orillia but a larger house.
Go figure.
We have exchanged constant garden upkeep in summer and snow removal in winter for dusting and vacuuming the extra floor space we have here in the Cowichan.

Oh, the deer have found us! A neighbour three doors away showed us deer tracks in her front garden as well as a partially eaten plant. Tom and I haven't seen a deer on our street yet but we are trying to be careful when we choose plants for our gardens by selecting species that deer don't especially like to munch on. Dinter's have a "deer list" one can peruse to educate oneself.

So, March on our Island and we are learning and doing new things.
Oh! Before I forget...
We attended a live theatre presentation at Brentwood College School- a private school about 20 minutes from the house. Amazing place and an amazing theatre. The students performed "Crazy for You". There were ample funds for this production judging by the sets, props and 25 piece orchestra down in the pit that included just two Brentwood students.
It was a huge undertaking on stage and they did a spectacular job.
I would hate to think what a parent would pay to send their kid to this school but what an education they would receive!

It makes we want to go back.
Not to school!!
Gawd no!
I mean back. On stage. Singing and dancing and doing dialogue.

All in good time Rob but for now the gardens await.
I must look for my garden gloves...
Planting on the Island

Friday, March 2, 2018

ROBBLOG #704 Just When I thought It Was Safe

Oh for Fuck Sakes!

Just when I've devoted myself to spending sleepless nights worrying about Dung Ung Jock Strap in North Korea and his sparring partner Mr. Cheeseface, along comes news that Iran and Saudi Arabia are preparing for war.
Not against North Korea but each other.
Can't these men find something else to do?
Like play with their collective dicks or something?
At least nobody would get hurt.
Well, feelings maybe as that happens when straight men start comparing their "john henry" sizes.

Just as many of us are planning our spring wardrobes for 2018, these boys are pulling out the big guns- no not their penises, and strutting down the warm-mongering walkways of Saudi and Iran.
I couldn't even read the entire story but you can bet it's religion or a "my cock is bigger than yours" thing.

I hear you saying- "My goodness Rob, so many "dong" references today."
Did you know that you can't- as a tourist, even visit Saudi Arabia? You have to be invited.
Well look, you just don't want a happy tourist venturing into an open square where someone is getting fingers, a hand or an entire head lopped off for being unlawful.
My goodness. Nobody wants to see shots of that on social media.

Hennaway, I'll let you know if it's time to kiss our asses goodbye- if I hear anything.


The Mister and I have been watching some Academy Award nominated films.
So far we've seen about six movies.

"The Darkest Hour" is all about Churchill and WWII. If you include the Churchill story in TV's The Crown and the recent film Churchill, The Darkest Hour is the third retelling. I still like John Lithgow's Churchill from The Crown best.

Staying in the same area of "death and destruction" or as it might be called "Men with Guns"...
see Saudi Story above...we watched "Dunkirk". 300,000 Brits being saved by a flotilla of small boats that set sail from England to Dunkirk to rescue men on the beaches surrounded on three sides by the enemy.
It was a lot of water and I had to pee- a lot.

Speaking of H2O and increased urination there's- "The Shape of Water".
Filmed in Toronto with many Toronto Cast & Crew- according to the credits that is, this movie had a
lovely visually appealing golden tone and was set in the 1960's. An Amphibian creature who actually turns out to be a 6 foot 3 inch actor in "real life" is caught by some government baddies and is saved by a young gal who eventually fucks the creature underwater in her bathroom which fills with water when she turns on all the taps.
I mean- who knew??
I wouldn't try this at home Girlfriends!!

Amphibian Creatures always make me pee!
Next is "Lady Bird"
I can't see why this is an Oscar contender. You see, Roseanne's TV Sister and a young gal playing the lead- I do not know who she is and I do not intend to look up her name,  finds her boyfriend in a men's room stall with another boy sucking his face off.
Yes, he was cute.
The other boy I mean!
Gee, a homosexual man having a homosexual kiss in a straight man's toilet.
You are wondering- what is this world coming too and why was this gal in the boy's john to begin with?

Boys! Boys! Take it outside!
Well, the "ladies" was busy and she really had to pee and of course men's bathrooms are never busy- unless "I" really have to go pee.
Now, that's not the entire story.
There's a movie life here reflecting real life and actually the entire movie is way more boring that real life, so, I will leave this one for you to judge.
This movie is all about 70's angst.
I hated the 70's.
I would say a bottle of Vodka on your TV table might help you get through this film.

We still intend to "get through" a couple more movies like "Get Out" a horror film where a white gal takes her black boyfriend home to see the folks.
Get out!
No I mean "Get. Out!"
A horror story for some and a remake of "Guess Who's Coming for Dinner" for others.

I also want to have a look at "The Post" with Hanks and Streep and also "Call Me By Your Name" which is a Gay Summertime Romp with more homosexual kissing- and heartache.

Say, maybe if men of war engaged in a little more man on man kissing.
I mean, as if they don't those Middle Eastern types.
Come. On.
Dark, swarthy men and there's never any women about when the men are revolting- if you catch my drift.
Who am I to judge.

Maybe if they laid down their guns, put aside their religious differences and swam naked in a pool on a hot summer night with a martini or two, they'd have something different to focus on- instead of warfare.

Just sayin'...

Tuesday, February 27, 2018

ROBBLOG #703 A Light-Hearted Romp of Sorts

Today, a light-hearted romp through the Evergreen Forest.
Roger and Ashley Wrabbit opened their front door at the base of the old oak tree, letting yellow streams of early spring sunshine shower their front door vestibule.
"How glorious!"- cried Ashley.
"Yes indeed. Glorious!"- answered Roger, "What a day to go to the clearing and have a picnic.
"A capital idea!"- says Ashley, "I'll tell the children straight away!"
"Oh do that Ash. Tell them now."
Roger turned back to look at the view
Her stepped outside allowing the sun's warm rays to dance on his handsome wrabbit face. He rubbed his cheeks with his furry paws.
"This is Heaven. Absolute Heaven. I must say that. I must."
Roger- if you didn't pick up on it already was a real faggy, little wrabbit.
He stood still in the warmth and listened to the sound of the Evergreen Forest. Mr. and Mrs. Robin were singing from high atop a Sicamous tree. Freddy Frog was croaking his favourite tune " ribit, ribit" at the edge of Dappledown Pond. Crickets chirped. The wind blew across the grass with a gentle rushing sound and he could hear Mr. Green's cows mooing in the distance.
It was like a Broadway show.
"Here they are!"
Ashley appeared in the doorway with Ricky, Robin and Rhoda right behind him.
"Look Papa, we have our picnic basket ready and we've all pulled on our new spring vests with the brass buttons!" Rhoda was so happy she could hardly contain her little bunny self!
"Very sharp looking indeed!"- says Roger, "But how did you all pack the picnic basket so quickly?"
Ashley, Rocky, Robin and Rhoda laughed.
"We prepared it last night Father!"- yelling in unison.
"We knew today was going to be a brilliant day and we just knew you'd suggest picnicing to Daddy Ashley."
They all giggled slapping their wrabbit thighs several times.
"Yes my Dear"- says Ashley, "We did rather pre-plan the picnic in the same way we pre-planned our funerals last week! Such fun!"
"Indeed. Such fun." Roger's smile was as broad as the blades of grass growing alongside the cedar rail fence that circled Farmer Green's property. Everyone knew it was fine to look through the fence toward Mr. Greens cows and garden but it was never all right to crawl under the fence to explore.
No sir.
"C'mon everyone. Let's go!!" Ashley's voice was happy and very excited.
They all bounded away once Roger locked the front door to their warren at the base of the big, old oak tree where the English Ivy trailed up, over and around the transom above the door.
What a site!
A site indeed!
Five wrascily wrabbits scurrying along the well-used path towards Hollow Glen. That's what everyone in those parts called the open, grassy patch near the old log which was part of a maple tree  felled by a horrific summer storm several years before. It was always a good place to duck inside for cover when a sudden summer shower came upon the clearing catching everyone by surprise.
Off the fivesome ran towards Hollow Glen, the spring sunshine feeling warmer by the minute.
The young wrabbits squealed and screamed and shook with laughter.
Maybe they would scream all day long- if they had a mind to.
Once arriving at Hollow Glenn, Roger spread out a pretty quilt he had stitched over the winter months on the fresh, green grass. Ash opened the picnic basket and set about laying plates, cutlery and napkins- and best of all- the food, on top of the brightly covered quilt!
As Roger and Ash set about readying the picnic, Rocky, Robin and Rhoda played nearby.
They were full of glee.
However, our story takes a slightly darker tone here.
As well as the younger wrabbits being full of glee, they were soon to be full of much more.
Specifically- lead.
For unbeknownst to Roger and Ash and the youngsters- Ricky, Robin and Rhoda, Mr. Green- the farmer behind the cedar rail fence, had spotted the happy little group while on their way to Hollow Glenn and ran inside his barn to collect his rifle. He trotted over to Hollow Glenn stepping lightly as he quietly crouched behind the hollow maple log.
He took out the whole family in a flurry of gunshots.
I don't have to tell you but you can be sure that there was bright, red blood and bunny fur- everywhere.
Now isn't that a horrific ending to what started out as a lovely, early spring day?
Such a shame.
Thanks for reading along and "Have a Good Day!".
I start therapy next week.

Friday, February 23, 2018

ROBBLOG #702- Dubious Content and Other Things

Today, another ROBBLOG with um...dubious content. No one ever comments on these kinds of blogs I write. Not to worry. I know you are with me in spirit...

Things that I think just appear to be wrong...

Back in "Old Home" Ontario and specifically Simcoe North, Patrick Brown is running for PC leader after it was suggested he sexually harassed two young ladies several years ago and after he had to step down as opposition leader only few weeks ago. Let's not even mention how he manages to own an almost 3 million dollar home on the shores of Lake Simcoe.

Still...over 1/2 of Ontarians in a recent poll would vote PC.

America's NRA are kinda saying that journalists love mass shooting for TV ratings. I said that 2 blogs back! America will never change its love affair with killing- not just by guns. It's a part of many of the people of that country for whatever reason. It just is and Hollywood perpetuates that ideal with films that highlight killing and death. How many of these kind of deaths has Canada had in this country in the past 10 years?
About 30 according to the Internet.
That is 30 too many.

The roll call continues...
Now, we hear that Brendan Fraser was "accosted" 15 years ago by someone that brings the Golden Globe Awards to the small screen. I like Brenden Fraser but I have to admit here and now one of the reasons I like to watch him is his body- especially his loin-cloth wearing body in George of the Jungle.
I am shallow.
Is that shallow?
I mean, I think he's a very decent actor.
Case in point The Mummy Movies as well as his part of the straight guy being taken advantage of by the old, Gay white guy in "Gods and Monsters".
Brendan is just another victim in a long list of victims.
He is pretty or was pretty. He's 49 today and well...none of us are as pretty at 49 as we were at 30 something. It doesn't mean, however, that someone can touch him- hands on his ass, without consent. I read his story in GQ- March 2018 issue. You can find it online.
Sordid stuff and apparently one of the reasons Brendan had disappeared from screens big and small up until recently. He was that upset with the groping.

Brendan in Gods and Monsters
A similar story concerns Terry Crews. A large, musclebound actor from the TV Show Brooklyn 99 who could have very easily punched his harasser's lights out but didn't for fear of being charged with assault. Maybe a gentle- "Keep your fucking hands of my boys!" would have sufficed.
It worked for me years ago.
These days not many men want to place their hands on any of my manly bits so I don't have to say that as much as I once did. Actually, I'm not sure if I ever took offence or even had to say it in the first place.
Huh...The 80's. Go figure.
Colour me Blonde...and forgetful. (no offence to blondes of the world)

More things that appear wrong...

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and family in Indian casual wear during their official visit and Mrs. T with a red dot on her forehead.
I think not.
Ask any Gay guy Justin and they would have told you and saved you from embarrassment. It's not like you haven't met a bunch in country-wide Pride Parades.


Television series that display female breasts within the first few minutes of a show. Those poor, poor actresses that have to go onscreen topless just to pay the bills.

Television shows that hardly ever display "man pecs".

"He's right you know Lucy"
"Ya..I know Ethel!"

The Dog Meat Festival in South Korea where our Canadian athletes are winning medals at the Olympics. The world is full of badness and sadness but shame on South Korea. Did you know that some dogs are dipped "live" into boiling oil to remove their fur before they are butchered?

Dogs caged to be sold and eaten in South Korea
Billy Graham's death. I can't believe that God didn't make him wait a few years more. WTF is God
going to do with Mr. Graham in Heaven for eternity besides continuously telling him to shut the feck up!


Catholics and born-againers standing on a busy street corner- like I saw in Victoria today, brandishing placards with photos of dead fetuses on them. People, people, people...I am sure there are organisations that could use your volunteer help in a myriad of ways besides standing on a corner with disturbing photos. Hey! Maybe each of them could take some of those babies into their respective homes and raise them.
They seem to have the time.

Last one...I promise:

Me standing on a corner holding a placard in one hand- with a huge, full colour photo of a penis on it- and a placard in my other hand saying- "I HAVE a Penis"!

Tuesday, February 20, 2018

ROBBLOG #701 Community-Minded

Look at me!

Trying to get involved in the community and be a "True Islander". I have finally figured out- I think, why I still feel a little funny living here in the Cowichan.
I mean funny in a sense of trying to feel settled in my new city.
People have told me it will take a year or more to feel truly "at home".
I believe it.

There has been a lot up upheaval in the past year for the Husband and I. Just go back to blogs in mid-August and read about how we felt leaving "old home". I am not regretting this major move or looking backwards but still, the words to describe how I feel some days would include these:
unsettled, confused, disconnected, lost, floating.
Remember too, as of February 23rd, the Mister and I will be Islanders for 6 months!

I have described this process of cutting the "Ontario Apron Strings" similar to the way the lift locks work in Peterborough, Ontario. If you are not familiar with the Lift Locks- Google them.

The Lift Locks in Peterborough, Ontario
Picture us- The Mister and I, as the right pontoon in the upper position. As we left Orillia behind the pontoon starts to go down. We travel across Canada and get to the Island.
Pontoon goes down more. The Island pontoon- the left one, starts to raise.
We get on the Island and eventually move into Palm Villa.
The right pontoon- that's Orillia, goes down a little more.
By Christmas the right pontoon is almost level with the left pontoon that is slowly creeping up. The left pontoon- the Island pontoon, is Duncan and the Cowichan as we start a new life.
We figure out streets.
Meet people.
Get a new Dentist.
A Vet.
A Chiropractor.
The Duncan pontoon moves up a little more.

Now the new year is almost two months old and the left pontoon- Duncan, is above the right pontoon- Orillia.

Are you following this?

As time moves on we are leaving Orillia behind. The right pontoon edges down.
We are not hearing from as many former friends and family members as we first did.
I am trying not to go on about the temperate Island weather in phone calls, texts or e-mails. It is probably pissing people off.
I know it is...especially with the photo a week ago of Tom cutting grass in shorts. In February!
I don't mean to piss people off. I just want folks back east to know there is another option besides bone-chilling temperatures and mountains of snow. I have made an "End-of-February" resolution to lay off about the weather and how wonderful things are here in the "Canadian Tropics".

In place of former friends and family back in Ontario, we are making new friends and bonding with a "new" kind of family here in BC.
The left pontoon moves up...

As I said back at the top of this ROBBLOG, I am trying to get involved with this community. I have volunteered to be the secretary/assistant for two adjudicators during the Cowichan Music Festival. A festival like the Kiwanis Festival back in "old home". It's been fun and I have met some new people.
Tom's been coming along as well to shake hands and meet "new" folk.
Look at us!

I must admit, I am starting to chip away at those words like "disconnected" and "floating".
I am even having thoughts of resurrecting Double R Productions Theatre! I still have a lot to learn about the theatre community on Vancouver Island but it seems to be a diverse and active one.
I need more contacts before I can proceed.
I wonder-
Can Sister Mary Margaret entertain an Island audience?
Gawd help us and these Islanders- maybe even Hank??
Would Ernest and Sadie Flynn be made welcome?
What about Lady Wyndemere and her Fan?

I don't really know how it will all turn out but I am starting to gather information and think about the whole process once again.

I think the left pontoon just moved up...a little more.

Sunday, February 18, 2018

ROBBLOG #700 Am I Mad?

Am I Mad?

I must be mad!
700 blogs and I am still writing?
This could be a book. In fact a couple of years ago I had planned to put a selection of blogs into a book called "Banana Oil" and self-publish. You may remember the term "Banana Oil" comes from my Dad. He used to say it when there was something he thought to be ridiculous or crazy, so rather than say that's stupid or crazy or that does not compute, he'd simply say- "Banana Oil!"

I miss him.

Another typical day in America last week, I see.
More innocents slaughtered.
Americans- sane or insane, loving their right to bear arms- or so they believe.
More blinders on.
Little outcry.
More sweeping wrongs under the "red" carpet. They wouldn't have to look far to see a country that sets a good example or at least a better one. Of course, most Americans don't even know we exist. They probably think it's the "norm" to have tragedies like this so they can unfurl their Stars and Stripes and build another memorial to the dead.
It's good business too.
For America.

Kids that survived this latest masacre are speaking out. Television networks are placing them front and centre- for ratings no doubt, with their vocal vows to change "'America".
Ain't gonna happen kids.
If there was change afoot, it would have started with school massacres years ago. The "right" in America is always "right" and now they are in control of their Senate and the NRA and gun manufacturers are loving it. Can Mr. Cheeseface even say the word gun?
I don't believe he can.

The "right" in the US never considers guns being a bad thing.
"I have a gun to protect my family"- they cry. "It is my"'American" right and priviledge.
Unfurl the flag.
Hand on heart.
Sing the anthem.
American IS beautiful- or so they proclaim.

Amercians always hope it's someone else's child, or brother or sister.
Killings like this are a blip on the radarscope of American life and these latest murders will be old news next week. Don't kid yourself fellow Canadians, a watered down version of right-wing, American values could happen here in our wonderful Canada.
Case in point Andrew Scheer in Alberta or Doug Ford in Ontario.
I don't believe we'll ever take guns to the streets or local schools or concerts like down south but still some asshole, somewhere in Canada is thinking "good job" but it ends there.
With a thought.

Yes, Americans are wired differently but the saddest difference of all is when an expat Canadian speaks out as an American.
On Twitter I follow Eric McCormack (Will & Grace) and kd Lang. I imagine Mr. McCormack holds an American passport. Ms Lang maybe just lives the good life in LAH. It's interesting to see their tweets and re-tweets.
They have changed.
In America they are "American". Oh they act all Canadian when they are on this side of the border but when they are feeding an "American" audience, you'd hardly recognize them.
Even they have fallen into that American "bombastic" style of citizenship or landed immigrant status.
What do the Yankees call it- " A Green Card".

A week ago when Prime Minister Justin Trudeau was in California, there was a meet and greet of sorts after his talk in San Francisco I believe. I saw photos of former Canadians- like Seth Rogen.
He was all smiles, wearing his Canada name tag badge proudly on his left chest. Smiling for the cameras next to someone of little importance.
Ahhh. Being Canadian in America.
Does it get any better?

All this stuff that goes on there just south of us or in our case to the east and south of us. It was one of the main reasons The Mister and I in our retirement opted for Vancouver Island British Columbia and not a winter home in Florida.
It's just too crazy down there at times- and we wouldn't have felt safe.
I mean one day you could drive to the local market to pick up some oranges and some A-hole hiding in the cereal section with an AK whatever starts to kill innocent shoppers.
It could happen.

Here in BC we are surrounded by temperate beauty and still fly our Canadian Red Maple Leaf flag on the front of our house.
We know the politics.
The people.
Our neighbours.
Our politicians are fluffy entertainment.
Here we have the feeling of being Canadian.
We don't have to pretend we're someone else living in an insane land for the almighty American buck or gun.

O Canada.
Our Home and Native Land.
Yah. I'll just stay here....thanks very much.

Note: The direction this Blog took today was not the direction I had planned on taking or the topic that I had planned to write about. I don't particularly like sharing these thoughts but I have. So there.
Writing eh...I must be mad!